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Well it’s been a while since we talked about beauty around here. Not that I don’t like it anymore (my YouTube history would betray me big time if I said otherwise) but I’m consciously trying to buy less, use everything I already own and bring the ‘room’ back in ‘bathroom’.

I guess that says a lot about how much I loved these last products that joined my collection despite my very serious commitment ;)

Rêve de Miel lip balm (Nuxe)

You might already know this first one: it’s not exactly new, some of you might even carry it in their handbag on a daily basis, but I still wanted to put it in this list because for me, it’s the end of what I thought would be an endless search for the perfect lip balm. As long as I can remember, my lips have always been dry. throughout the years, I’ve tried pretty much everything, from the classic Labello to the obscure organic balms and even a few luxury ones. And even though the results weren’t always terrible, I never found a product that left me 100% satisfied.

But thanks to Nuxe’s Rêve de Miel, the search is finally over! It’s definitely not the cheapest – €12 in pharmacies, you can find it for €10 online but I didn’t feel like having to spend 40 euros to have free delivery so I just walked out the door to the corner and bought it from a human. And it’s worth every penny (cent?)! The texture, the smell and the “taste” are so nice, and it stays for a very, very long time (it resists the shower and a few drinks), without giving the feeling that your lips are all buttered. It’s also perfect as a base before applying lipstick, it mixes perfectly with it without making everything look like an uneven mess.

Dry shampoo for brunettes (Klorane)

You might have noticed that I’ve recently switched to a new hairstyle – I got bangs! While it’s an incredibly fun hairstyle to play with, it also requires a lot of care: you have to learn to style it, cut it regularly… there’s one more thing that I didn’t know (get ready for the glamorous confession): after 24 hours, it’s as dirty as a burger wrapper. Alright, fine, I’m exaggerating but you get it, and there’s no way I’m going to wash my hair every morning just for that. So I had to find another solution. I had already tried dry shampoo in the past but I was never a fan of it: the regular (white) version made my hair look grey, even after an intensive brushing session (I think it’s just the texture of my hair). A few years ago, I tested a brunette version by Batiste, but my scalp didn’t like it at all so I kind of just gave up.
Then one day, recently, I stumbled upon this brunette version by Klorane and I decided to give it a go. The formula is super super light and invisible in my hair, so even if you’re not that good at that stuff (you are not alooooone), your hair will look fresh as ever! I have been using it for a few weeks and I haven’t noticed any particular irritations.

Now let’s get to the serious stuff: I’ve been talking about Glossier for a while (actually I even made a post about them here) and FINALLY I got my hands on a few of their products! All I had to do was wait until they opened a pop-up at Colette (RIP), then ask a colleague who had planned a weekend in Paris with is girlfriend repeatedly if he could drop by and buy a few things for me, annoy him so much that he would finally accept to spend 30 minutes of his romantic 48h to shop for me and say thanks. Easy peasy! What I wouldn’t do to test the next 3 references… In my defence, I had my eyes on them for a while.

Haloscope (Glossier)

Haloscope is a highlighter like no other: I personally love highlighter as a concept, but I’m not really into powder, because I think it tends to really show the details in our skin that we don’t want to show: wrinkles, acne scars, zits… Haloscope has a rich, solid, creamy texture and comes in a stick, which I find soooo much better: it’s the perfect texture for my combination/dry skin, and it’s super easy to apply and to transport – you don’t need a brush and don’t have to carry around a palette that WILL end up broken somewhere in your bag and leave glitter everywhere. Watch out if you have oily skin, though: the product will probably not be able to stay in place as the day goes by so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Wowder (Glossier)

I’ve been wanting to try this very promising “powder like no other” since it came out: the Wowder promises a naturally matte effect, that won’t make your face look dry. Once again: I have a combination skin that has a tendency to dry up in extreme ways at random places, so I have to be very vigilant of what products I use, so powders are a delicate subject here. I also always try to favour a natural make-up, which luckily, is also the aesthetic that Glossier promotes with their products.
Not really for the fans of airbrush-style make up looks: the Wowder gives exactly enough blur, no more, no less.

glossier cloud paints

Cloud Paints (Glossier)

And last but not least: the Cloud Paints! I was really curious to test these, intrigued by all the videos I’d seen on Glossier’s social media, so I bought them in 2 colours: Dusk, an orangey brown, and Beam, a bright coral. I use them alone or together, on my cheeks and/or on my eyelids, to do some slight contouring… it’s a really cool product, fun and with a very natural result. The packaging is so pretty and playful, and the product itself is very budget friendly: you’ll only need a teeny tiny bit of it for every use. The only downside I could find is that the application is a little more time consuming than a regular blush/bronzer…but that might be just a matter of mastering the technique!

So here you go, 5 products that managed to pass my very strict tests and integrated my daily routine!
Any others I should test while I’m at it?

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