Sustainable shopping: my yellow puffer jacket, found on Depop

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Ah, the puffer. When I was a kid, I was dreaming of having one. With a lot of volume, bright colours and shiny, if possible.
Back then, I had to accept that it would stay a fantasy, until the temptation slowly faded away, while new trends were appearing season after season, year after year.
Some new, but mostly recycled trends from the 70’s, the 80’s and more recently, the 90’s.

Zara yellow puffer jacket

At that point, I thought to myself: well, I guess that’s my cue, I’m done with revival trends.
See, I have a theory: if you haven’t known a trend in its original era, you’ll be super excited to try it. If you were there back in the days, if you’ve worn it and seen it everywhere already, you already have so many memories associated with it that the magic is gone. Been there, done that.

Zara yellow puffer jacket

And indeed: when fishnets made a comeback, I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Then ugly sneakers were on everyone’s feet again – nope, not mine. Then the puffer jacket returned and… I succumbed.

Is it because of that childhood frustration? Or is it just a weakness for fashion? In any case, let me introduce you to my almost-brand-new-Zara-puffer. That’s right: if I was gonna buy myself that little gift, it had to be second hand, that was my one and only rule.

Zara yellow puffer jacket

(hi there Biceps!)

So I gathered all my patience and started searching for my Holy Grail on my Holy Trinity of second hand fashion websites: Vestiaire Collective, ASOS Marketplace and Depop.

I was looking for a short puffer jacket, with a lot of volume, a retro look and not fitted, at all. I’m all about weird proportions – and flashy colours, in this case: cobalt blue, red, yellow. Just how I wanted it as a kid.

Zara yellow puffer jacket

I eventually found it on Depop: it’s actually an item that was part of Zara’s latest winter collection, it’s been worn twice and is thus like new, and it checked every box. If you don’t know Depop, I can only recommend you to download this app ASAP, check it out, and thank me later!

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