Interior: how my ‘meh’ living room became my favourite space

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My boyfriend and I moved into our current home over 3 years ago. Back then, I was immediately sold on the upper floors: everything was renovated and neat, clean, organised. The ground floor, though, looked quite shabby (and not “old mansion with wooden floors”-shabby, more like crappy-no-charm-shabby).

But we moved in, and throughout the years I made it kind of my mission to make this space, our living room and dining room, more personal, cute and cosy. Since we’re just renting, we couldn’t really make big changes or anything like that, so the whole challenge was to find the furniture and decoration that would make it ours. As you can guess, this doesn’t happen in one day – actually not even in one year. Come to think of it, I believe a good interior is always work in progress and can only be fine-tuned with time and research, as our taste and lifestyle keep evolving.

Recently, I realised our living room had become my favourite space in the house, and that’s when I thought “well, I’m getting there”! Of course, not everything is perfect, but finally I look at these few square meters and I think “this feels like me”. And to celebrate, I took a few pictures of my favourite corners to share them with you!

(Almost) all my furniture and decoration comes from second hand stores, flea markets or second hand sites. It became somewhat of a passion for me to spend my free time browsing dusty thing looking for my next precious! And it definitely is more budget-friendly than a shopping spree on an expensive design site.

By the way, for those of you who would have missed the info: I’ve recently launched Everything is Nice, an e-shop where I sell some of my best finds. Have a look, maybe you’ll find something that will make your home feel more like home!

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