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It’s been a while since we last talked fashion and shopping, hasn’t it?

It’s not that I’m keeping things from you, it’s just that I haven’t bought that much in the past year. My ethical and sustainable style resolutions seem to be sticking and my rehab is going very well, which means I don’t have a whole lot of new things.


But sometimes, you gotta treat yourself, especially if that means finally buying items that have spent the last six months on your wishlist, waiting to be on sale, and the month of July was a bit different from the rest of the year – at least that’s what my Mastercard will tell you.

Oh, nothing too extravagant, don’t worry: just two very good basics from two ethical brands I hadn’t had the chance to test yet.

I bought the trousers on the english site Finery. It was my first order with them, since they only started selling to Belgium a few months ago, and I gotta say I’m pretty happy. Finery London showcases a laid-back yet elegant and edgy style. The clothes they make are classics but they’re not boring, with just the right amount of fantasy. They are well-cut and well-thought. I’ve also purchased a black jersey dress, and the quality of both pieces is outstanding – the finishings as well as the fabrics. Some items are made in the UK, but most of their production is outsourced in Asian and European countries. The British brand does put ethical production central and promises they follow their partners closely.

I’m glad I discovered this site and I hope you’re happy I’m sharing it with you – but it’s just because I like you! Let’s keep it between us, a little mystery never killed nobody ;)


I’ve wanted a nice pair of black slides for a long time, and these in particular had been sitting on top of my wishlist since the beginning of Spring this year. Back then, I challenged myself to wait until they’d be on sale – so I did and the day the price went down, they were mine. Good call, because they are one of the best basics in my grown-up wardrobe. They are from Matt & Nat, a brand that you might know from their vegan leather handbags and that started selling shoes as wella while ago, in the same material. If I’m gonna wear fake leather, it’d better be recycled plastic bottles, am I right? That’s enough for a little braingasm for an eco-freak! Their items are beautifully made, the prices are reasonable, the delivery was fast… believe me, that won’t be my last order in their site.

Actually, these are still available in 3 colours in a whole bunch of different sizes for 51 euros only and I’m this close to ordering another pair. Should I?

finery-matt-nat-nico taeymans

I almost forgot! The earring that I opened this blogpost with is one of the most precious gifts I’ve ever received. It’s a custom-made piece made by one of Antwerp’s most iconic jewellers Nico Taeymans. His ‘Second Skin’ concept starts from a personal physical feature (a wrinkle, a birth mark, a scar…) and turns it into a unique item that you can wear like a second skin. I decided to turn my Hand of Fatima tattoo into a statement earring, an idea that Mr Taeymans immediately loved and that he gave life to. The result is at least as dope as I had imagined and I still can’t believe I own something like this. I got lucky enough to benefit from one of the perks offered to the 13 European creatives I was recently accompanying for D.A.T.E. for a private visit of Nico Taeymans’ studio in Antwerp (Steenhouwersvest 17). I want to thank the whole team once again for this generous experience!

Oh and one last thing, before I get to work: Cousin Itt hasn’t taken my spot on these pictures – it is me! But it was Sunday and I really didn’t feel like putting any make-up on (or show you my bare face GOD FORBID). I do like it! It’s a whole concept… right?

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