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…it’s already done, and I’ve got the Dour-blues.

And while everyone’s trying to recover slowly, carried by the incessant Facebook posts – some made by the friends who I’ve done the festival with for years, others by new faces I met during this year’s edition, I can’t help but feeling nostalgic, most of all.

Once again, it was at least as great as I had expected, and even though this year, I couldn’t attend all five days, I enjoyed every instant 1000%!

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I liked…

  • my Fresh&Black tent from Decathlon. Last year, I was staying in a festihut, and since this year I hand’t been able to organize things the same way, I had to find another trick to still get some decent sleep (I managed to go up to 10 hours this year, with my beloved par plugs and a few pee-breaks but hey, it’s still a festival).
  • the music! Which is, for me at least, still the number one reason why I go to Dour (although I would probably come with my eyes closed, tbh). My favourites: Jon Hopkins and his ultra-intense set which made me burn a few thousands of calories through my last hour and a half at the festival. Hunee, another decent workout, even after a whole day of walking and dancing. Chassol’s live show, a mix of video extracts from all around the world and eclectic sounds, put together with a lot of talent. Blawan, who got me to the Balzaaal! Kano’s simple, almost minimalistic performance, which was still really impressive. The Black Madonna, even if her set at Sonar was more epic. Trentemøller, who gave an amazing live performance… I’ve also missed a whole bunch of performances, because this year I had decided to take it easy and not stress about that, and I still had a great time #noregrets

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  • the progress in terms of food options – there was a salad bar and I even had a delicious smoothie!
  • being able to DJ in a full Petit Bois with a crowd of familiar and unknown faces, all smiles and dances. Thanks again to Mat for giving us this chance <3

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Of course there were also some negative aspects:

  • the toilets! I mean, when I compare the situation to other Belgian and international festivals, I can’t help but thinking it’s time to transition to toilets 2.0, and I don’t understand why we still have to use the good old Dixi’s. Last year, I remember seeing a bunch of new generation porta-potties – where did they go? It might sound superficial, but when you camp there for 4 or 5 days, believe me, it’s crucial (especially when you’re slowly approaching your thirties).
  • even though I really like the concept of the Balzaal, this huge open air dance floor that took its quarters on a nearby mount for the 3rd year, unfortunately I didn’t go as much as I would have liked to. Why? Maybe it was the pee smell (with only one restroom area for 15000 people, I guess some had preferred to just go wherever, which is disgusting but still pretty predictable if you know how drunk people think), maybe it was the huge and uncontrollable crowd (I’ve heard stories of people walking on others to get in or out the area), or maybe I’m just becoming an old party-pooper, but I think our Balzaal could use a little upgrade next year.

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  • the overly zealous controls at the entrance… I know it’s important to guarantee the safety of all festival-goers, but opening each pouch and wallet looking for a joint butt isn’t really how you catch terrorists, and it’s not really cool if you’re trying to make it on time to check out a concert.
  • Instagram Stories! I know it doesn’t have anything to do with the organisation of the festival, but it was the worst because it was almost systematic: as you might have seen, I tried to share as much as possible with you via my stories. And every day, I lost between 3 and all of my stories, without really knowing how or why. Kind of annoying. If anyone knows anything about this, I’d appreciate the tip ✌🏻

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Conclusion? Despite these few issues, I just can’t wait to be next year and go back! <3 How about you?

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