Everlane’s Day Heel

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Dressing responsibly has been almost too easy recently. Not that I’ve shopped a lot, but the two only items I got these past few months kind of came to me on a silver platter and are both already some of my wardrobe favorites. Everlane‘s Day Heel, in this case, was such a huge crush that I barely too any time to think (usually that’s not a good thing, but I’m happy I didn’t), if only for the choice of the colour (and I kind of regret making that choice instead of just getting them all, since they’re now only available on waitlist).


And they had so much success when I unpacked them in my Instagram Stories that I thought it might be nice to get my ass off my couch and show them to you in a proper blogpost.


Handmade in Italy, in a premium, soft yet strong leather, with a heel that’s just high enough to lift up the silhouette but still as comfortable as a pair of ballet flats… that’s music to my ears.

I was already seduced by Everlane after my first order, and I think it’s safe to say I’m now a complete fangirl – it’s a good thing they only deliver internationally twice a year, because I’m not sure I would be able to ignore their newsletters otherwise. But it might change soon, so maybe I should start practising some self-control…


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