Goodbye anxiety, hello slow blogging

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– “Oh come on, what are you waiting for? You’ve been back for so long and your travel blogposts are still far from online. Soon it will be too late!

– I know but I’ve just been so tired, and I have so much work! I already feel like I don’t have time to relax, let alone blog…


(extract of the dialogue that happens in my schizophrenic head every time it takes me too long to get started with a blogpost).



I’ve been back from holidays for almost a month now. 3 weeks of road tripping through the South West of the United States. It was amazing, I took so many pictures and made so much memories, I have so much to tell you. And yet, since I got back, I didn’t find (or make) the time to start my blogpost series.

It’s even worse than that, actually: I published my last entry about 10 days before leaving – that’s TWO MONTHS without  posting anything! Boooo. Not good.


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The truth is, though: no one cares. In the almost 8 years I’ve done this, I noticed a steady, dramatic decrease in the amount of people who actually read a blogpost. Nowadays, we just ‘double-tap’ on Instagram, without even reading the captions, so needless to say a long read gets very little success.

No one cares, and neither should I. Since when do I put so much pressure on myself for my OWN blog? I don’t have a boss, no investors, no deadlines. Unless I’m collaborating with a client, I have no rational reason to hurry and push myself. Nobody’s expectations really matter, it’s not like I could get a strike or loose my income. “But if you post less, you’ll have less visitors!” – Big freaking deal. After all, I always say that the luxury of keeping this blog a hobby is that it doesn’t have to become a source of anxiety. So why the burn out?

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We are always so hard on ourselves. We compare ourselves to others – which is about the best thing you can do if your goal is to feel like a huge loser, we set goals for ourselves that we actually don’t really want to reach – just because “that’s the way to do it”, or that we’ve read somewhere that someone who we admire does it that way…

When you have some distance, you see how ridiculous it is. But when you’re too much in it, it’s hard to keep track of what you really want vs. what you think you want.


Today, I have many exciting projects in the pipeline, and I want to take the time to give them life without feeling guilty for blogging less. And if I have less visitors, less likes, if I don’t get invited to events, who cares?

It’s time for me to put my mental health first, and start listening to my body and my mind. I have to go at my own pace, even if it’s slow and irregular. After all, doesn’t it make a lot of sense, after my conversion to sustainable fashion, to continue with slow blogging?

My holiday recap will come when it comes. I’ll work on it during the next few weeks and as usual, it will be comprehensive and informative. Meanwhile, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via the comment section, FacebookTwitter or Instagram!

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