Little french brand Sézane has been on my radar for a while now. Their vision of fashion – democratic but ethical – promotes a small-scale production, fair prices, quality fabrics, a limited distribution… the only thing that kept me from buying anything for so long is that I usually found their designs to be a tad too “parisienne” for me.

But imagine the look on my face when I heard they were going to release a collection of jeans! A whole range featuring all the classics of a wardrobe, from skinny leg to boyfriend, from mom jeans to flare. All produced by experts in a sustainable way, retailing for around 100 euro – so you actually don’t even have to compromise on that. As a denim-addict, I just had to try.


I was in search for something specific – a blue, basic, high waisted pair of jeans. So when the collection went online, I immediately went for the 1958 and the 1967 (don’t even try to find that one anymore, it had sold out within 3 minutes).

Basket, payment, express delivery – and a few days later, I was opening my package with lots of excitement. And when I realised none of the jeans I had ordered fitted, I couldn’t hide how disappointed I was. I did check in advance to see which size I should order (actually, the customer service was answering each and every comment on their Instagram asking about sizing!), but all of them turned out to be too small. Farewell, 1967, I will probably never see you again since even the preorder for the next batch has sold out. Luckily, the 1958 (the ‘mom jeans’) were still available in a few sizes, so I ordered a bigger one, patiently waited (again) and… lucky me, second time was a charm, fits me like a glove!


Since it’s pure cotton, with no elastane or such, they took a few days to adapt to my body, but now we are BFFs. I don’t really get why they called these ‘mom jeans’ though, or maybe my booty is just really double of the women they make their jeans for (yeah, okay, I get it), but what matters is that I like’m, right?

sezane jeans

For those who’d like to score one from the next batch (which should be there in March!), here are a few things you might find useful to know:

  • Sézane Denim will be part of the permanent collection, so don’t worry if you didn’t get yours, or if you can’t afford it in March. Your time will come!
  • Sizing is really a bitch, it’s the one big negative aspect of this collection. Not only are their tips kind of unreliable, but the sizes actually differ from one model to the other. I had to order a size 29 for the mom jeans, and I think I would have had to order a size 30 for the 1967 (to give you an idea, I’m usually a 27/28 with Levi’s and Asos).
  • If you’re planning to order multiple sizes or models and send back those that don’t fit (and why wouldn’t you, returns are free from Belgium), you should probably know I had to bring back my packages to a Mondial Relay spot. I’m telling you, because there were very few in my region, so you might wanna check that out beforehand.
  • If you’re having any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with their customer service. I was very, very impressed by how fast, kind and transparent they were!
  • Sézane won’t have sales on these jeans – actually, nor do they on their other items, ever. Like I said earlier, their prices are evaluated in the fairest possible way, for everyone, which means the full price isn’t 20 times the cost of the item, which means no sales. Hey, that’s the game, right? I actually think it’s a good thing: no need to wait until July, and you know you’re not getting screwed!

sezane jeans

Mom Jeans 1958 SÉZANE – T-shirt EVERLANE

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