(Almost) goodbye twenties – the birthday wishlist

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Within a few weeks, I’ll be officially entering the last year of my twenties. I don’t really have a problem with it, I feel very ready to enjoy these last months and get closure, ready for the next step. I’ve grown up so much in the past ten years that sometimes, I think the ‘big change’ has already happened a while ago without me even noticing it, and that kind of helps dealing with it. Physically, I don’t feel very different from when I was 21, but mentally, I’m a totally different person. Now I’m finally starting to really know who I am, what I want. I know myself better, but I also have a better understanding of the world, of others, the good and the bad they can do to me – and I can do to them. My responsibilities, my rights, my freedoms. Time remains one of my biggest anxieties, but a part of me is simply excited to get older. Status quo is boredom, and I’m intending to avoid that as much as I can, starting with embracing my age and every step of my life to enjoy it to the max.


Enough mumbo jumbo, let’s get to the interesting part: PRESENTS! Well yeah, otherwise what’s the use of celebrating a birthday, amirite?

This year’s wishlist is – obviously – focusing more on handmade, local and sustainable than ever before (probably one of the symptoms of that wisdom you get when you get older), and sure, the prices of some items might be out of budget, but let’s say these can be on the (endless) list of ‘gifts to myself’.


As always and forever – I’m a sucker for earrings. Currently, I’m navigating between my obsession for minimalism and the occasional crave for maximalism.

One side of me can’t get enough of dem’ simple rings, like this gold-plated earcuff found on Etsy, or this half-circle earring from Sansoeurs


…and some days, all I want is a statement pair to dress me up, like these one-of-a-kind ‘Sparta’ by La Geometrie, or these ‘Valentina’ double hoops from PDPaola – I’ve been refraining myself to get the gold Valentina’s for months, at least since Christmas, so I think I deserve a little reward, don’t I?


Now on the “I know it’s quite expensive but I really need it” list, I guess a little handbag would be welcome. The one I was wearing the most broke and I have to get the shoulder strap fixed, but it was too big anyway, so now would be a good time to actually invest in a smaller size. I’m currently aiming for this ‘Alaska’ beauty from Matt & Nat, a pretty cool brand that makes vegan leather bags and accessories from recycled materials (that reminds me I should tell you more about it, and that’s just the excuse I was looking for)!


photos/ Pauline Fashion Blog & Endorse.com

I’m hesitating with Sezane’s Claude bag, a gorgeous classic that perfectly balances minimalism, practicality and tradition.


But there are more things in life than what you can wear, I know, I know! Don’t worry :)

Another birthday classic is interior items to decorate my home, like for example these cool posters that represent the city of your choice (thanks Maureen for the tip)! In this example, I picked Liège, my hometown. The best part is that everything can be customised, from the color to the text and even the amount of zoom!

This cute plant pot would fit perfectly in my living room, surely it could make one of my plants happy…

And of course, who could say no to a little bit of art! I know I wouldn’t mind this print (inspired by this famous painting) on my white walls.


I also found these geometric candles, I would probably never dare to light them but they would look great on the mantel of my fireplace!


Last week, I told you about the Weleda oil, and how it didn’t even come close to my all-time-favorite – the Poivre Noir Fraîche face oil by Marie-Stella-Maris, that I promised myself I wouldn’t buy until the other one is finished. But if it’s a present, it doesn’t count…right? 😅


Last but not least, I recently realised I could use some new underwear – and this time, it will be all ethical, locally produced and qualitative, or I’ll go commando! I’ve been tempted by the French brand Ysé for a while, and this ’24h in the life of a woman’ bra seems to me like a perfect basic, comfy and simple, just the way I like it.

Now I would be really surprised if someone had the budget and the audacity of gifting me these Halt briefs by La Fille d’O (made in Belgium, yay!💁🏻🇧🇪), but it’s (almost) my birthday and I dream if I want to. I would probably only dare to wear it to look in the mirror, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it ^^

Alright, now let’s close all these tabs, I gotta save because in a month, I’m going on a trip and I’ll be happy to have some pocket money… wish me luck!

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