Since I initiated my commitment for a more sustainable lifestyle, I’ve been progressively taking my obsession to my bathroom shelves. Even if the cosmetic industry hasn’t come to the extremes of fast-fashion’s sweatshops, the majority of the beauty brands we use everyday still have a long way to go: testing on animals, use of chemicals that are harmful for the environment, endocrine disruptors… so many questions and murky areas, so little answers. Feeling lost? You’re not alone.

Unfortunately, just like in fashion, cosmetic brands can’t always be trusted just because they communicate about the good things they do – The Body Shop, for example, while being famous for their engagement against animal testing, score very poorly when it comes to respecting the environment. So for every brand you’d like to use, it can be worth conducting your own little investigation first, either with a simple Google Search or, if that’s not enough, by contacting them and asking your questions about the components, the fabrication process and the marketing of their products directly.

So I started gathering information that would help me replacing my beauty products one by one, as they got empty. And except for a few irreplaceables (my hair savers, for example), I’m aiming for an organic, cruelty-free and-all-that-jazz bathroom very soon!


Just like with fashion, was a good starting point – at least it allowed me to have a good overview, and I gotta say it’s pretty ugly. Even though a lot of brands don’t have an evaluation page (yet), most of the usual suspects are there and almost all of them can drape in their shame. Only two brands receive the A-label: Dr Hauschka and Weleda. We’ll get back to the former soon, because it’s a good option for guilt-free makeup, but today, I wanted to tell you about a few Weleda products that I’ve been trying.

I know a lot of people really have a history with the Swiss brand, but I don’t, and it’s only recently that I purchased their products for the first time – and I was immediately sold! Organic, ecological, cruelty-free AND – cherry on the cake – very affordable. It doesn’t take more that that to convince me, really.

This winter, like every year, I’ve been struggling every day to moisturise my skin (face and body, yep), but it just kept getting drier no matter how often I’d hydrate. So I decided it was time for an emergency order and after reading a bunch of reviews, here are the three products that I got:


The ‘Amandel’ almond oil for sensitive skin (50ml – €14)

Throughout the years, I’ve made it a habit to use oil on my face during winter – not every night, just a few times a week, when I see my skin needs some extra care. I’ve tested several brands and found my Holy Grail, but it costs a little fortune, so when I saw this one, its huge container, its tiny price and its minimalistic composition (almond oil, plum pit oil, extract of plum flower), I couldn’t resist and put it in my cart.

And actually, of all the products I tried, it’s the one that impressed me the least; the oil is easy to apply, the smell is nice and subtle, but… well, the hydration part was a little disappointing. It’s not terrible, and I’ll gladly finish the bottle, but I don’t think I’ll get another one.


The ‘Grenade’ pomegranate night cream (30ml – €20)

Night cream isn’t just for grannys. Right? Or are you already a granny when you’re almost 29 years old these days? Well, whatever it is, all I know is that it’s never too early to start prevention against wrinkles and floppy skin, especially when you have dry skin that loves to fabricate all kinds of imperfections while you sleep.

Problem: usually, night cream can cost you an arm, and it can be kind of an expensive gamble to just try one. The advantage with this one is that, on top of being ethical, ecological and organic, it can be yours for 20 euros. It’s super easy to apply, not greasy and sticky like most other night creams are, leaves a subtle perfume and actually does improve the aspect of your skin overnight. I really see no reason to skip it!


The all-purpose ‘Skin Food’ cream for dry and rough skin (75ml – €9)

This green tube became my best buddy. I don’t know if a lot of you can relate to this, but as I’ve been saying through this whole blogpost, winter tends to turn my skin into sand paper (I’m barely exaggerating), to a point where even the pharmacist gave up. It’s despairing, frustrating and most of all, ITCHY. And that’s exactly what this ‘Skin Food’ aims to solve. From the moment you open the tube, you can see it’s some pretty heavy shit – the texture is very rich and thick, which makes it kind of hard to apply, but once it’s on the skin, what a relief!

I try to have the reflex every time I get out of the shower: I apply it on every extremely dry spot (legs, shoulders, elbows, nose, anything, anywhere), I gently massage to allow it to penetrate and… it stops itching. For HOURS. Sometimes even until the day after. It’s my favourite product from this whole order and it’s becoming one of my all-time staples.

What about you? Do you use Weleda products? Which ones can you recommend me? What other ethical brands should I check out? Now is the time to share!

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