So! How are things going with my sustainable living?

Well, actually: pretty, pretty, pretty good. I’ve been shopping very reasonably and I haven’t set foot in a physical store for a while now! I even received an e-mail from Asos, asking me what was going on because I hadn’t ordered anything in months (which for them can only be an unusual behaviour apparently 😅).

No but seriously: it’s not easy everyday, especially during the sales… but to be honest, just the thought of the huge stocks that every on- and offline shop is trying to get rid of makes me wanna throw up, and I’m very happy I’m not a part of it… anymore.


Instead, I decided to work on another issue, it’s kind of a silly matter really, but it’s been in my head since the beginning of my “transition”: socks. It used to be as easy as a trip to H&M, where I got a pack of 5 whenever my old ones were getting holes, or when I had lost too many doubles in the washing machine. And when I wanted to treat myself, I got a pair of Happy Socks, or checked out Asos/Topshop looking for a cheaper alternative. But now that I swore to buy only fair (under)wear – what about socks?

Well, pretty cool things, actually: just as I was wondering where the hell I would dress my feet from now on, I received a press release introducing me to a young dutch brand named Qnoop, which would immediately answer all my prayers. How? Well, pretty much like this:


Qnoop was born in the Netherlands and is handled by people with creative ideas, honourable ambitions, high standards and good intentions. This translates into a large range of fun, colourful, ecological and ethical socks made in Portugal.


In the past few months, I’ve been a bit paranoid about greenwashing, so I conducted a lil’ investigation and asked Dirk, the founder of the brand, for some more information about their process – and he totally reassured me:

  • the socks are made in Portugal, in respectful conditions and with a great expertise. This also results in a lower ecological impact, versus an Asian production, for example.
  • the Qnoop socks are made of:
    • 80% combed cotton – GOTS-certified
    •  17% polyamide – a fiber that isn’t sustainable per se, but that reinforces the socks in its most fragile areas, allowing you to wear them longer.
    • 3% d’elastane – so that the socks don’t slip on your ankles.
    • Cherry on the cake: Qnoop is currently looking for a way to source their polyamide and elastane from recycled materials.
  • The dying process used by Qnoop is also GOTS-certified.
  • The ‘plus’: a little button that allows you to attach your socks together, putting behind you the times when you would lost your left foot in the washing machine/laundry basket/drawer/hotel room/… (yes, there are a LOT of places where you can loose a sock).
  • The button is biodegradable #sensefordetail
  • All the labels, packagings and other point of sale material are made from recycled cardboard #sensefordetailsquared

In a nutshell: totally legit.


It just feels so good to find a brand that takes their ecological and social impact seriously, without compromising on the design and the creative aspect. I was so over the moon that I embarked on a creative adventure and put together this little production showcasing my three favourite designs – the colours are just sooooo pretty!


I also took the time to feel them, wear them, wash them (I take testing very seriously!)… and they kept all their promises.


A pair of Qnoop socks costs 15 euros. Of course, that’s another budget than the H&M packs you can find near the register, but it’s also a whole other level of quality. For a price that’s still very affordable, you get to stylishly walk around without having to sell a little piece of your soul (I’m slightly exaggerating, but you get the idea).

They also have “packs” that will cost you even less, and even the goths among us will find their way, because they also sell regular black socks and all.

As for right now, I have a little surprise! I was so in love with Qnoop that I asked them if I could organise a giveaway, and they said yes – check out my Instagram and my Facebook page to enter!

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