Jean Jullien x Stereo Vinyls

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Do you believe in destiny? Because I really do. I believe some things are written, and some are just not supposed to happen. Some people are meant to meet each other, some trains are meant to be missed, some job interviews are meant to be failed. It’s my optimistic side, whenever something doesn’t work out, I like to think there’s a good reason for it and that, one day, when I have more distance on the situation, I will be happy with the way things have turned out. That’s why I trust my instinct a lot when it comes to making decisions, including when it’s about my wardrobe and my consumption in general – even though I’ve been trying to rationalise that part a bit more recently.

The story of this coat, which is the result of the collaboration between French artist Jean Jullien (<3) and South-Korean streetwear brand Stereo Vinyls, it’s like life was challenging me, and I’m happy to say I passed the test!

jean jullie stereo vinyls coat

It was love at first sight. A very basic model, a funny detail, a limited edition: I simply needed it. But I quickly realised it wouldn’t be easy to make it happen: at first, it wasn’t available in Europe, then suddenly Colette was selling it with a ridiculous price tag (and it quickly sold out anyway) (I’m so tired of their shit, they keep taking indecent margins on everything and fucking everyone over🙄), then it was available on Stereo Vinyls’ shop for Europe, but the custom and tax fees were estimated at over 150€…

Like I said, I can take a hint and this was one of these moments where you just have to listen to the signs: it wasn’t meant to be and I had to accept it. Not cool, but hey, that’s life and it really isn’t that bad. Just a moderate emotional rollercoaster.

jean jullie stereo vinyls coat

Because of course, the story doesn’t end there: I was about to understand that patience pays off – awwww yes, it does.

One day, I saw a post on Stereo Vinyls’ page announcing that the collection was available in a small shop in Pont-l’Abbé, Bretagne: La Manufacture. Recently opened (by Melanie, Jean Jullien’s sister, as I would learn later), this “ethical store” didn’t have an e-shop (yet), but I didn’t really have anything to lose so I contacted them on Facebook to see if they had the coat and if they would accept to send it to me. I wish I could say I had no expectations or hopes anymore, but the truth is I had a huge knot in my stomach until they answered: they still had ONE coat (that’s the ultimate sign, right?) and they’d be happy to send it to me.

Like I said: sometimes, you just have to let things happen.

jean jullie stereo vinyls coat

A few days later, the coat was in my hands, and it didn’t disappoint! The quality is just amazing, the cut is as classic as it comes, and it’s one size, so it ended up being a perfect oversized shape for me. When the season started, I was kind of desperate to find a nice, qualitative, classic coat to invest in without going bankrupt, now I’m a happy camper with a dubitative face on my back, making people smile as I pass them on the street.

jean jullie stereo vinyls coat

Cherry on the cake, this little splurge didn’t even take me off my “conscious living” path, as this coat was produced in limited quantities in South Korea, faaaaar from the fast fashion standards. Long live small brands, long live families, long live ethical concept stores, long live passionated artists and long live the concept of making gifts to oneself!

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