A conscious Christmas gift guide

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Oh, there we are again. The car windows freeze during the night, Thanksgiving has passed (and apparently, it’s now part of the European culture as well, I guess I had kind of missed that trend but hey, why not), the night falls around 4.30PM… it happened so fast that I didn’t really see it coming, and yet the signs are clear: the holidays are upon us, and I must say it’s one of my favourite times of the year! I tend to turn into a little elf: I love giving presents, looking everywhere for the perfect gift for each person, wrapping it all in a cute paper, while singing Christmas songs – a pretty accurate description of my month of December.

This year will be a little bit special, since as you know, 3 months ago, I vowed to only purchase sustainable, ethical, durable items anymore. That means the present hunt will be even more interesting and complex this time – but I like challenges so I actually don’t mind at all :)

And if that inspires you, I’ve got some good news, because like every year, I prepared a little gift guide for you to spoil your beloved ones – this time with conscious prezzies only!

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