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When I gave myself the challenge to only buy sustainable fashion from now on, the first reaction for a lot of people was to laugh and call me a hippie. Now I’ve got enough humour to know this is just a silly remark, and I also actually don’t think being a hippie would be the worst ‘insult’ on earth. But anyway. What it did made me realise, is that many people still make that association, and in their heads, ethical fashion = harem pants and hemp canvas shoulder bags. But the reality in 2016 is way, way different – you just have to know where to look.

Everlane basic T-shirt

It’s actually one of the main reasons that motivated me to start this adventure and share it with you: my goal is not only to dress responsibly, it’s also to show that I can do it without having to sacrifice my taste and my style.

When I started my research, I quickly came across Everlane, an american brand famous for its ethical basics and its sleek aesthetics. I immediately fell in love with their minimalistic designs and their perfect cuts, and when I learned more about their concept, I was completely hooked. Their motto: Radical Transparency. Information is at the center of their project and gives us, consumers, more knowledge than ever. On each product page, you can learn all about where your future clothes were made, how much they costed to produce, ship, what materials were used… and when you click on the name of the factory, you can actually learn all about each producer and their workers, their work conditions, their expertise. Everlane builds strong relationships with their factories and visit them regularly, just to make sure all is well and ensure a close, personal bond.

The quality of the clothes is as amazing as designer items, except you don’t pay the designer price, and you support a great social project.

everlane worn

The bad news is, normally they only deliver to the US – booooo!

And now the good news: from the 1st of November and until the 30th, they have actually made international shipping available to Belgium, among others (see here the complete list). So you can probably imagine I was counting down the days and on the 1st of November, at 00h01, my first order was confirmed.

After 2 weeks of patience, I finally received the first pieces of what will probably become one of my go-to brands – as I’m seriously considering placing a second order before the end of the month.

So don’t wait too long if you wanna get in, you only have 10 days left!

Good to know:

  • don’t forget that the prices displayed on the product pages don’t include taxes – they will be added to the total at check out. The way it works is that they anticipate and make you pay the taxes and duties with your order to avoid a bad surprise when the mailman is at your door with your package and kindly requests that you pay the importation duties in cash on the spot.
  • the delivery to Belgium costs $15.

everlane Luxe Double-Knit Mockneck

Sweater “Luxe Double-Knit Mockneck” & T-shirt “The Cotton Crew” Everlane

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