Hey you. I hope you’re all doing alright! I know it’s been a while since I last posted anything here, and even though I’m trying not to put myself under pressure to post here more regularly, and I know I have no obligation to do so, I gotta say it just makes me feel a bit sad.

To tell you the truth, this month has just been kind of crazy so far, days are passing by and I don’t even have the feeling that I can really enjoy them like I should. Between the busy work weeks, Biceps’ puberty (yep, it’s happening) and a new project that I’m working on, it’s not always easy to find the time and energy to sit down and write. I also started working out again, and I’m trying to commit to it this time, which means I need to make it a priority, which means the blog can’t be one anymore. Last but not least: after spending all my money this summer (I’m joking but it’s actually pretty much what happened and it’s not really funny), I decided September should be more minimalistic in terms of shopping. I want to go back to basics, and reduce my consumption to smarter choices. After all, it’s not like I need anything, and I could use the extra bucks that I’m planning on saving. Anyway, I’ll probably tell you more about that in a dedicated blogpost (if I find the time – see how this is becoming a vicious circle?), but this should be an interesting challenge.

sacha black ankle boots seventies

Full disclosure? I got a little hand from Sacha. The dutch brand helped me fulfilling my need for basics by offering me to pick a pair of shoes in their fall-winter collection. I’d been wanting to find some decent companions for the upcoming fall days, so when I landed on their e-shop, I naturally wandered through their huge boots category, where my eye got caught by these stunning black high-heeled babies. A pair of black boots is always a good idea, especially when they look so flawless!👌🏻

With their 8cm heels, they are comfortable AND walkable, even for a clumsy girl who lives on flats (= me). They’re all leather and look very nice, and their retro mid-calf cut makes them perfect to wear with shorter trousers or a cute little dress. Or even both at the same time.

sacha black ankle boots minimalist

Boots SACHA – Dress AMERICAN APPAREL – Culottes S.Oliver (FW15)

Just when I was starting to work on a more minimalistic and smart closet. Talk about good timing!

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