Gold, glitter, shades of bronze: looks like I got a little gold fever! And, well, sometimes, you gotta just go for it, so I wore it all together. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Milani Amore Mattallics Lip Creme Chromatic Addict

It all began when I discovered on Snapchat that Kylie Jenner was launching an eye shadow palette. I think you know by now that I’m slightly fascinated by everything Kardashian, and I had been wanting to test Kylie’s lipsticks for a while. So this palette launch was kind of the best excuse to finally get me some Kylie Cosmetics. I did miss the first batch, but I made it for the restock – everything was sold out within a minute and I was in the lucky ones! I also purchased the Koko K lipkit, which I will try to show you soon as well.

Milani Chromatic Addict Kyshadow

But let’s cut to the chase: what is this palette worth? Well, honestly, I gotta say I’m pretty impressed. I might not be an expert in this field, but the result I get with my shaky hands i already quite good. The colours are beautiful, intense, and they fade perfectly with one another. The final look is actually pretty discrete and easy to wear. If you’re interested in copying this look: I’ve followed the tutorial made by miss Jenner herself, that you can find here. The Kyshadow Bronze palette is still sold out, but should be restocked soon so keep an eye on the brand’s Instagram if you don’t wanna miss this one!

I did have to pay 33 euros of taxes on top of the products and the delivery, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to go for it. Personally, I have my eyes on the eyeliners and I actually still want to get a few lip kits… Maybe we should just make a group order? ;)

Milani Chromatic Addict Kyshadow

Now, let’s talk about that lipstick! That one is not from Kylie Cosmetics, but a very good dupe of her Metallics that I found during one of my epic Google errands. It’s the ‘Chromatic Addict’ lipstick from Milani’s Mattallics collection, which is a liquid lipstick with a metallic finish. The color is pretty much nude, and it leaves a beautiful shimmer on the lips when it dries, I also bought a second one that is more brown-dark-red-ish and that I also love. Obviously it’s not really appropriate for everyday office looks, but they’re really perfect for festivals and other nightclub outings (proof is I recently wore them for WECANDANCE and Pukkelpop). They stay on pretty long and won’t make your lips dry, and they cost about 10 euros each, quite a bargain if you ask me. The only issue I have is the smell: like most other american make-up brands of that type (including Kylie’s), they have a very strong, sweet, candy-like smell. But once the product dries it’s really no big deal anymore.

gold necklaces asos

And last but not least, the jewellery! I browsed Asos’ sale selection and found myself two of the necklaces that you can see on the pictures, both are gold plated and under 10£. They are both already losing their colour though, so I’m glad I didn’t pay more. The one with the horn is still available here and the half-circle there.

The rings are the complete opposite: no expectations, but great results! I discovered the spanish brand PDPAOLA on Instagram, as I instantly fell in love with their simple, minimalistic-with-a-twist designs. I eventually gave in and ordered two gold-plated rings, the Monique and the Moonlight. They cost 18 euros each – yes, 18 euros! The site also has a very handy size guide to help you avoid making any mistakes and having to send your order back, loved it. Three days later, my package had arrived, with a free iPhone case thrown in. I am very, very satisfied with my purchase, I wear these rings every single day and they still look great, even though I don’t always take them off to wash my hands (with Biceps in the house, that would be about 40 times a day), shower or do the dishes. So believe me when I say I’ve put them to the proof. I don’t think it’s gonna take me long to place a second order, seen how the whole collection is absolutely gorgeous!

Alright, I’m off to practise my make up skills, thanks for reading and enjoy the sun! 🌞

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