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If you know me a little bit – whether it’s IRL or via this blog – you know that when it comes to make up, my motto is less is more.

Clinique Pop Matte packagings

Well… at least it was. Go figure, but for some reason, I’ve turned into a make-up freak over the past few weeks: I’ve bought 3 new lipsticks, a famous eye shadow palette, a whole bunch of brushes, a concealer, a brow pen and even a Beauty Blender (a.k.a. every beauty blogger’s essential). ‘Told ya, I’m serious about this.

It’s fun! I watch tons of YouTube tutorials, I learn what contouring, baking and strobing are and I even discovered that botox is a thing for girls under the age of 30. I must have opened the 2016 internet equivalent of Pandora’s box. 😅

Luckily, this sudden passion remains under control, and until I feel ready to give a call to a plastic surgeon, I just spend my time trying on all kinds of lipstick colours (which is actually already quite a big step for me).

So the launch of Clinique’s new Pop Matte lipstick collection couldn’t have come at a better moment!

Last week, I received a pretty package containing 6 of the 24 colours of the matte range, and I took some time last week to try them on and give you some feedback on these new products.

Clinique describes their Pop Matte collection as a series of lipsticks that also contain a primer, which allows users to obtain a uniform, intense and smooth finish, and a total coverage that lasts up to 8 hours.

And I must say I was globally satisfied, especially with the ‘solid’ lipsticks (as opposed to the liquid lipsticks). They’re easy to apply and really do offer a natural and uniform result in a few seconds only. Oh and the packagings are really pretty (yes, it’s very important).

My two favourites? The neutral colours (what a surprise): Peony Pop, which is a discreet, very light baby pink, and Beach Pop, which is the perfect balance between brown and pink (and is actually my absolute favourite colour in the whole range).

The only issue I encountered with these two is that I had to re-apply them several times throughout the day, because the colour comes off quite easily, especially when drinking/eating/smoking (boo!). No drama here, but worth mentioning since Clinique is advertising 8 hours.

Clinique Pop Matte Peony PopClinique Pop Matte Beach PopClinique Pop Matte Graffiti Pop

The two other colours I received from the ‘solid’ collection are way bolder: Graffiti Pop is a gorgeous and very bright red-ish pink, not something I’d wear on a daily basis but I gotta say I’m tempted to try it for a special occasion.

Shock Pop, the fourth colour, bears the right name: the colour on the picture is not 100% accurate, it actually has slightly more blue hues in real life. Just a little too ‘Nicki Minaj’ for me ;)

Since they are both very pigmented, these colours tend to stay on longer than the two previous ones, so bonus points for that. Be careful though if you have shaky hands, because irregularities will be very visible.

Clinique Pop Matte Shock Pop

In the package, I also found Black Licorice Pop and Flame Pop, two of the 8 liquid lipsticks of the matte range. So you can imagine how excited I was to try them – since I’ve discovered liquid lipstick, I just can’t shut up about it, so the answer is VERY excited.

Clinique Pop Matte Black Licorice Pop

Unfortunately, the test did not go as expected. First, putting it on was quite tedious. The applicator tends to grab too much product and doesn’t really allow to spread the texture evenly on the lips. I had to do several attempts before I got a result I could photograph (and I am aware it’s not perfect, thank you very much), which has never happened with similar products from other brands I have tested. Actually, I could have really used a matching lip liner to draw the edges of the ‘zone’ first and use it as a base to apply the lipstick. I guess that’s what happens once you’ve tested Kylie’s lip kits – once you’ve tried the combo, you can’t really go back. Another issue I’ve encountered is that it does not look matte when it dries. Soft, sure, but matte, nope. And actually, the product never really dried, which also made it kind of messy.

Clinique Pop Matte Flame Pop

That being said, I gotta admit the colour of the Flame Pop red lipstick was pretty awesome. As in, it’s joining my all-time-classics lipstick hall of fame!

So, my conclusion: although I wasn’t really convinced by the liquid lipsticks, I am sold on the ‘solid’ ones: easy to apply (the ultimate test: a quick touch-up on the train with my iPhone selfie camera as a mirror!), it gives a nice, natural matte finish (because the extreme matte finish looks awesome but it’s not always easy to rock it as a day look), and it’s comfortable to wear.

The lipsticks are available here in 16 different colours for 21€.

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