A look back at Dour

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Dour festival 2016

It’s hard to summarise such an experience with words… once again, Dour didn’t disappoint.

Sure, I’ve left my voice there, some of my dignity, and I ended up with a throat infection, but not one minute I would think it wasn’t all worth it. And I already know I’ll be back next year.

In case you’re still wondering why…


Dour Festival 2016 Nadia Lisa

Photo Olivier Leidgens

For the music.

Obviously. For me, it’s the most important aspect, it’s what structures my days and guides my moods. Even if that means going to check something out alone sometimes, I don’t mind at all. This year again, the line up was amazing, with over 280 artists playing on the 9 stages.

I wasn’t personally impressed by the headliners, but my attention got caught by the up-and-coming names of this edition: Zora Jones’ hard but dance-y set, which confirms how much talent she has. She’s gonna go far. The moroccan-belgian Gan Gah’s show was also one of my favourites, I love his tracks and I was glad to see he managed to translate his atmosphere into such an energetic and funny set. I also loved Lunice, who is clearly here to stay and showed it big time, the sexy and gloomy atmosphere of Fatima Al Qadiri, Four Tet’s hyped up mood, Ta-Ku’s unbeatable cool, SOPHIE’s madness… and of course, how could I forget the live shows of Novelist, Stormzy, Denzel Curry, ASAP Ferg, Lady Leshurr and Septa, and the crazy, bouncey, turnt up set of DJ EZ, who was already my favourite act at Sonar and who would have won the gold medal here if there had been one.

For the buddies: me and my friends don’t always se each other often, as our boundaries have extended quite a lot these past years – we’re split up all over the country, and some of us even moved abroad – so for us, Dour is always kind of like this yearly rendez-vous where we can drunk hug and tell everyone how much we love each other. We get to know our friends’ friends, the circle keeps getting bigger, and we get back home with 40 new Facebook friend requests.

Dour Festival 2016 Alex Olivier

To stay fit: and before you laugh, take a look at these stats please!! This is my daily average of kilometres – not bad eh?

Dour km jour

For the Bar du Petit Bois, where I had the privilege to play a set with my boyfriend <3

For the festihuts, that allowed me to sleep between 7 and 10 hours a night (!!!), which really is a serious upgrade.

For the atmosphere in the crowd during the concerts, the screams and sing-alongs, the people who climb the pillars (don’t, but hey, it’s pretty cool to see), the dancing, the smiles, the hands in the air. I know you probably all think “yeah, we’ve got that back here too, it’s nice”, but trust me, you don’t. It’s not the same. It’s just not.

Dour festival 2016 Dune & Kisses Home Alone

For the clean toilets on the festival grounds – out with the old crappy porta-potties and long live the new supersonic toilets with integrated Purell!

For the kefta-burgers, which were pretty much the only savoury meal that didn’t cost too much. It was really worth getting over the mix of their smell with the one of the waffles (if you were there, you know what I’m talking about).

For the bottles of 1/2L of Spa at the bar, instead of the 0,25L of Chaudfontaine that used to be there. It makes me feel less terrible when I decide to spend 1 ticket (2,75€, yes they got slightly more expensive) on water instead of beer.

Dour festival 2016 Joy Schools

Photo Joy Schoefs

Thanks Dour, and see you next year for more adventures! 

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