We’re getting so close I can barely contain my excitement…

Only 48h before I hit the road for my yearly pilgrimage to Dour festival!

I’ve prepared my schedule for a while already (by the way, the timetable came out in the meantime and it looks like I’m gonna have to make some sacrifices :/), all I still had to do was to get festival-proof! 5 days of party and camping is not something you can just improvise, luckily I’ve got some valuable experience, and I decided I would handle it like a pro this year!

As I told you in my previous blogpost, for the first time in my Dour history, I will be staying in a festihut instead of my good old tent. More comfortable with its bunk beds, safer thanks to the door that locks, less warm when the sun is shining… since I’m approaching my thirties, it just seemed like a very obvious choice.

decathlon-sleeping bag

That also means I will be travelling with much less luggage (no tent, no mattress!), and while I was always taking my big blanket and pillows with me, this year I decided it was time to get a proper sleeping bag. Pretty, if possible, not too warm, practical (I hate those cocoon things!) and light. I eventually got to pick my favourite in the Quechua range at Decathlon, and I can’t wait to see what it’s got! It costs less than 20 euros, which is already a good start.

I also ordered a cooler, which is something I’ve never owned before, although it is a real camper’s essential to keep food and drinks chilly.


Cooler backpack Quechua

What I like about this one is that it’s a backpack, which makes it extra practical, and it looks pretty cute for a cooler!

And another one I should have bought already a long time ago: a power bank for my iPhone!


Xtorm power bank

I really don’t know how I managed without for so many years… actually, I do, and it’s pretty sad: I used to put myself on a strict iPhone-diet, pictures were only to happen if the moment was really worth it and checking my timelines wasn’t even on the table.

Well, this year, expect a lot more, because thanks to this little wonder, I can charge my iPhone up to 3 times per charge. I found it on sale on Coolblue, after a long search for the ideal power bank. Obviously I will only be able to give you a decent opinion about it after the festival, but I’m already pretty convinced: it’s rather cheap, it charges fast, has a big capacity and is very compact, which is all I’m asking after all.

So anyway, now we’ve explored the practical side of things, let’s talk about the real important stuff: shoes, clothes and beauty!

So, what are we going to wear at Dour? Well, let me start with the bad news: it’s probably going to rain the first two days, so I’m definitely preparing myself to all kinds of weather. #whatsnew

When I pack, my philosophy in terms of shoes is “the less I carry, the better I feel”: shoes always take a lot of space in my luggage, and I always end up wearing the same pair anyway, so this year I’m going to try to limit myself to those two:


My Palladium snakerboots, which turn out to be the best companions for the rainy and colder days (they are so comfy and resistant!) and my new Teva flatforms for the sunny afternoons. I wore my black ones non-stop last year and they were so great, this summer I got myself some white ones with a very cool crackled effect!

jean shorts asos

I still have to figure out my outfits, I admit I haven’t had the courage to start on that (gonna be a last minute adventure, I can already feel it), but I already know one thing for sure: these ASOS jean shorts will definitely be attending the festival with me. I’m also packing a fan for sure, if it gets warm it can really be a life saver!


I’m also very well-prepared when it comes to bathroom-stuff, starting with this roll-on oil version of one of my favourite perfumes, ‘Mojave Ghost’ by Byredo, that I ordered on their site a couple of days ago and that I can’t wait to try.

mojave ghost

This format seems very practical to travel, and I gotta say I kind of like the idea of wearing a few drops of this precious oil behind my ears and in my neck.

Now, you remember how much I love Clinique, right? Their make up, their cosmetics, everything they make seems like it’s just right for me and I’ve been faithful to the brand for years and years. I recently got to try some of their new products, and these ones definitely earned a spot in my backpack!

I gotta admit I’m not so big on make-up, but it became very rare for me to get out of my house without a basis of foundation/BB cream, blush and mascara. And when I’m at a festival, it’s exactly the same, although it’s much harder to execute. So when I think festival make-up, I think easy and compact!


First, let me introduce you to the Chubby Stick foundation, which is not only very practical (obviously) but also lives up to my expectations in terms of performance. I’ve received it in the same shade as my regular foundation (‘Alabaster’), and the result is actually pretty similar, although it has a slightly lighter coverage, which you can adapt by using more product if needed. It’s easy to apply and ideal to transport in a handbag, so it’s definitely coming with me.

Even more important than make-up: cleansing your skin at the end of the day is a must, even – especially! – at a festival. Now I know myself, and when I go to ‘bed’ at 5 am after a day of dancing and drinking, I know I have to keep my routine easy and effortless, so I always pack some cleansing wipes.

These work like a charm, whether you’re removing waterproof mascara or matte lipstick, and they’re very gentle to the skin. The packaging is resistant enough to prevent leaks and dryness, and the smell is very discrete. We have a winner!


And last but not least: sunscreen! I’m probably gonna repeat myself, as I’m a very big defendant of this cause, but: protect the skin you’re in! Seriously. Even in Belgium, even in the morning, even if you’re already tanned. With a high SPF and a product that will block UVA’s and UVB’s. My routine is SPF 50 for my face, SPF 30 for my body, every two hours. And I try to always sip my drinks in the shade, especially between 12 and 4pm. Cancer is not a joke, and I’m not a fan of wrinkles.

So here I am, ready to party and enjoy these few days of music and friendship!

For those who will also attend the festival, I’ve got a little last minute surprise: you can find me and my boyfriend behind the decks at the Cabane du Petit Bois on Saturday, between 7.30pm and 8.15pm!

And for those who won’t be there, the set will be live streamed, so you can even follow that if you want.


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