Some things never change: like every year, I’m counting down the days until the highlight of the year (and I’m barely exaggerating), Dour Festival!

I’ve been to lots of festivals, in Belgium and abroad, and Dour is and has always been my absolute favourite. I haven’t missed an edition since I’m old enough to attend, and I’m not planning on breaking this tradition yet, especially when I look at the line up which, as always, will turn my planning into a level 100 puzzle. No rest for the wicked!

dour 2016 line up

Not only will I have to find a way to share my time between the usual 8(!) stages, but I will definitely need to squeeze in some trips to the ninth stage that the festival has recently announced. While the Labo, which was last year’s little newcomer, was dedicated to live performances (I’ve had some of my best memories of the 2015 edition there!), the Cubanisto Dancing will allow you to discover the very best of young promising DJ’s and producers of electronic music.

The other good news (well, that’s relative, depending on how much you can handle): this year again, the festival will last 5 days! What was supposed to be an exception in the context of Mons 2015 seems to now be something we can count on every year. On Wednesday 13th of July, we will kick off 5 days of party with, among others, Netsky’s unique live show in Belgium!

dour 2015

5 days is a lot, but it’s doable. I managed to survive last year by sparing myself a little bit and avoiding to accumulate the lack of sleep and the hangovers. This year, however, you won’t find me at the campsite, as me and my crew have admitted we are definitely too old for it and booked festihuts. This means we bought ourselves the privilege to recover on real beds, in a cabin that should hopefully be a little cooler than a Quechua 2 seconds. At least let’s hope so!

Are we there yet? Yes, almost!

And in the meantime, as usual, you can get to know my favourites of the line up thanks to this homemade Spotify playlist. Do not miss any of these! 

You can find tickets here, and if I were you I would take those days off presto, unless you’re in for some heavy fomo. Don’t make me say ‘I told you so’!


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