nude weekday top necklace fashionology earrings

“God, seriously, is it February already??”

That’s me, about 47 times last week. Not that I can’t use a calendar, but hey, am I the only one who feels like January went by way too fast? My weeks and my weekends were so busy, between work, the organization of the next Survivor (we’re coming back soon, keep an eye on our Facebook page!) and the trips to see my family and friends in Brussels and Liege, I feel like I haven’t really had any me-time.

Last weekend, I finally had some time to chill, and chill I did. Oh and I took the time to snap some pictures of a few of my favourite things, purchased in December (so 2015, sorry) and January.

I played the model (talk about going out of your comfort zone), photographer, stylist, hairdresser and make up artist with available means, I hope you’ll appreciate the result!

nude weekday top necklace fashionology earrings

Let’s start with the earrings, another Christmas gift from my mom (okay, I might have tipped her). They’re from Fashionology and I’ve received a LOT of compliments on them, which is always nice, right?

The reason why I wanted those, is because I was starting to get bored of my simple silver mini-hoops: minimalism is neat and pretty, but I needed something a little more funky and particular, that I could still wear on a daily basis.

A few days later, I came across this necklace – perfect match! – while browsing the ASOS sales. The nude top is also a sales purchase: unfortunately, I discovered it too late (that awkward moment when the only size left is XS) and waited almost two weeks until it reappeared in my size. Yes, I can be very crazy patient, and it pays!

Both items are from Weekday, who apparently decided to work on my ideal closet without thinking I wouldn’t have enough money to buy the whole collection (thx guys, really…)

nude weekday top necklace fashionology earrings

Now, the make up! First the Clinique Chubby Lash mascara, that I tested in its gorgeous deep blue version. It’s a nice change from the classic black, not for everyday use but I really like how it works with the otherwise nude look. The Chubby Lash is available on Clinique’s website!

Last but not least, before you go back to your activities: the lipstick! If you’ve spent some time on the internet and/or on Instagram in the past 2-3 months, you’ve probably seen a lot of this matte liquid lipstick trend: almost every brand has its own range now, or is busy releasing it. I wanted to try, so I did some research, read some reviews, and ended up purchasing Sleek‘s Matte Me in the Birthday Suit color. Don’t let its low cost fool you, the result is very promising: I was personally kind of impressed, as I’ve never had such a matte result with any ‘classic’ lipstick. It stays quite long and looks very neat, the only downside is that you’ll probably need a few trials to master the application. Drawing the edges with a lip pencil from a similar color (those from HEMA are quite good, for a very friendly price) will definitely help. Hydrating before is also a must – unless you want your lips to look like crispy bacon.

nude weekday top necklace fashionology earrings

Matte liquid lipstick Sleek Matte Me Birthday Suit – Mascara Clinique Chubby Lash c/o – Earrings Fashionology – Necklace and top Weekday

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