In less than two weeks, we’ll say goodbye to 2015, and you know what that means: yes, it’s that time of the year, here I come with all my nostalgic posts!

It’s been a crazy year for us all, filled with great events that gave us faith in humanity, and tragedies that made us lose it. But this isn’t really a place where I like to talk about politics and societal problems, there are many people who do it much better than me, and I feel more comfortable leaving it to them.

Instead, I will take a look back on MY year 2015 – how selfish, right?

berlin new year

After a pretty static 2014, I made the resolution to travel more, and I’m glad I managed to accomplish this: I started the year in Berlin, went to Amsterdam, Paris, Port Zélande, spent a few days in Barcelona for Sónar festival (which I loved so much that I’m going back this year) and took the best road trip ever during two weeks between California, Nevada and Arizona. This cost my a whole lot of energy and money, but I regret nothing. I might be broke right now, but I’m always broke anyway, and I’d rather be poor because I discovered the world than because I couldn’t choose between the top and the dress and had to buy them both.

california coast

But even though I’ve had a lot of good moments, the year has been rough for me on a health level: this is something I’ve never really talked about ‘in public’, but since I’m getting personal and want to be honest, I might as well just go for it now… I’ve had epilepsy for about 10 years now, and after a few years with barely any seizures, it recently made a come back. I don’t know whether the two issues are related or not, but my sleeping problems have also gotten worse, so I’m not always as energic, sharp or focused as I could be if I had all my capacities, which is very frustrating. Lately (actually, for about 10 months now), I barely get any deep sleep every night and wake up a lot, whether it comes from external factors (car passing on the street, wind blowing out the window) or internal (nightmares, sleep apnea…). I’ve also suffered from sleep paralysis and insomnia, which can sometimes lead me to a vicious circle where I just get so nervous at night that I don’t fall asleep, or wake up after 5 minutes thinking I’m dying. It’s hard because it has an impact on pretty much everything in my life and makes it all a little bit more difficult, but I’m planning on getting it fixed or at least improved in the next few months. Fingers crossed everything works out!

walkie talkie squad

2015 was also the year when I started working with the coolest people on earth at Walkie Talkie, a PR agency that does things the way I like and where I’m very proud to belong. Being on the other side has definitely taught me a thing or two, and can only benefit my blogging, I think. It’s also taking me out of my comfort zone almost daily, as I feel much more comfortable hiding behind my devices and writing/tweeting/instagramming/drawing than making small talk with strangers at events. But hey, I’m learning, and even though it’s not easy, I’m planning on owning it in 2016.

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Talking about accomplishments: in case you missed it (oh come on Nadia, get over yourself), I finally got my driving license! It’s been a difficult path for approximately 5 years, but now I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I feel free and satisfied, plus nothing makes me happier than scratching something so huge off my to do list.
 nadia kara zalando

There’s one more big step that has marked this year: I finally became an official part-time freelancer, which means basically that, next to my daytime job, I have a legal status that allows me to invoice my work. I dove head first into the scary world of taxes, hustle and worries. I’m still trying to understand it all, as accounting and administration aren’t really my thing, and although it’s a daily challenge, I don’t regret it at all.

Now to finish this blogpost, here’s a gratuitous and irrelevant picture of me, just because I like it! 
nadia kara survivor
© Frederick Van Zandycke

Y’all enjoy these few last days of 2015, okay? I’ll be back in a few days with my favourite albums of the year!

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