Marie-Stella-Maris Facial oil No. 73

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I know it’s been a while since I wrote anything about beauty stuff, but actually, the reason is very simple: I just haven’t really had any crush on anything new. Actually, these past few months have been more about using all the products I already had, finishing the bottles and staying away from the racks. And it’s a very liberating way of life, which I can only recommend you follow as well: not only will it save you a bunch of money, it will also quickly clear some space in your bathroom, which feels just as great.

But recently, after placing an order on (okay, full disclosure, I did buy some new stuff, but really not as much as usually), one product made a great impression. Unfortunately, not the one I had ordered – oh well.

Note: this is NOT a sponsored blogpost, I didn’t receive any request, any money or free product, neither from the brand, nor from the e-shop! I’m just sharing a few great tips with you – just saying, I guess you never know, these days.

marie stella maris facial oil

So, anyway. Like many beauty shops, sends samples with every order: that’s how I encountered Marie-Stella-Maris for the first time. More specifically, I came across their Facial Oil No. 73, which I fell in love with from the moment it touched my skin. Rare enough to be mentioned, because I’m pretty difficult when it comes to cosmetics.

marie stella maris facial oil

Day after day, the results were getting better, so I decided to order the full size product, still on the same website. And 2 weeks later, I’m very, very happy about it!

So, how does it work?

The Facial Oil No.73 can be used both as a day or a night product, according to the instructions. Personally, I find it too greasy to be used in the morning, but it’s perfect as a night moisturiser – rectification, it’s the very best of all the night products I’ve ever tested. All you have to do is apply a few drops on your clean face, massage gently and go to sleep. A few hours later, you wake up with the smoothest skin ever. From the first application. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is!

The smell is also very nice, discrete and natural.

But careful!

It’s probably a good time to tell you, in case you didn’t know, that I have very dry skin. Considering that, I can’t guarantee the result on a mixed or oily skin… The best way to find out for yourself is probably to test a sample first. And that’s what I love about their Sample Service allows you to buy 5 samples for 15€. Together with your order, which you will receive within a few days, you get a 15€ voucher valid on the whole website – yes, your samples are basically free, which is a great way of figuring out where your money will go!

Something else you should know about the Facial Oil: its price is more in the “treat yo’self” range. It is worth every penny though, especially considering the very small amount of product you’ll need every night.


Marie-Stella-Maris isn’t just a range of products with cute packagings: when I researched the brand, I discovered that they’re involved in a project aiming to make water accessible for everyone on earth. For every product they sell, a fixed amount goes to their foundation. Always good to know, especially if, like me, you’re trying to consume more responsibly.

You can purchase the Facial Oil N°73 from Marie-Stella-Maris (30ml) for 44€ on their official website and on

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