Finally, we’re almost there ! In four weeks, it will be Christmas. Every 26th of December, I mourn the end of the holidays; with summer, it’s one of my favourite times of the year. I love the overload of positivity, the excess of food and drinks, the quality time with the family, the snow that falls on the streets, the excitement in the morning on Christmas day – still the same, it didn’t change with years!

This year more than ever, with all the crap that happened lately, I feel like spoiling the ones I love. We have to cherish each other, enjoy our bonds, show each other how much we appreciate being a part of their life.

Of course, presents aren’t the only, or even the best way to do so, but they are a great tradition! Like every year, I prepared a little gift guide. May it give you a hand in your quest for the perfect presents, and help you fulfil your girlfriend/sister/mum’s secret dreams. Bonus: thanks to Black Friday, some of these items are discounted this weekend, so don’t hesitate too long because now is the time to make some bargains! Oh and scroll after the pictures, I’ve added a few tips to guide your research!

These, of course, are just a few suggestions (or merely a wishlist of mine for my beloved ones to take a hint), so if you still haven’t found the ideal gift, here are a few things you can never go wrong with:

  • Coffee table books

This is perfect when you know somebody a little bit, but not enough to give something personal. A nice book is interesting to read, but it’s also great for decoration, so you’re even giving 2 presents in one :) All you need is to know what his/her passions are, then do a little bit of research. My favourites are Urban Outfitters, because they have a great selection of beautiful books, and a few really funny ones. If you want to look really broad, have a look at Taschen: they have the best art, architecture, fashion and history books!

  • Cosmetics

While I find perfume to be too personal to be gifted (unless you know the scent the receiver is using), there are a lot of safe options in the beauty department. If you’re going to spoil a girl, cosmetics are always nice to receive: the best way to find something that will suit anyone is to look for classics and awarded products, preferably with a nice packaging for the little luxury touch. An Urban Decay ‘Naked’ palette, some Kiehl’s or Aesop body care, Eyeko brow gel or mascara

  • Vouchers

Now I know this isn’t the best option, and a lot of people might consider it impersonal. But the thing is, sometimes you just really don’t know what to buy. Avoid mistakes and frustration, and make sure your contribution will be used: vouchers can save you some serious drama. Just make sure you get one from a store that the receiver actually likes, and where they will easily find something.

To finish this gift guide, here are my 3 commandments:

  • Observe the people you want to make happy and listen to them: what do they miss? What are they always talking about? What do they wear? What happened in their life lately? How have they been feeling?
  • Try to take some distance with your own taste: yes, it’s nice to give something that you actually like, but he/she’s the one who will have to use/wear it. So even if you don’t like red, get it in that color if that’s what he/she wants.
  • My idea of the perfect present, is to get someone something they would like to have but don’t dare to buy for themselves – because it’s too expensive for what it is, or because it’s not necessary. Useful gifts are the greatest, but sometimes people just need to be spoiled.

Have fun shopping, and good luck!

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