Well… ok. Summer isn’t over, but… doesn’t it kind of feel like it is?

Personally, I won’t be reluctant to welcome September this year. I’m happy to enjoy the last few weeks of August, simply because I have some pretty cool stuff to look forward to in the near future.


First of all, a new job! More on that later, ’cause now I’m still busy being sad to leave my almost-ex-colleagues…

Photo/ @lukaorluca

Another big event will be the roadtrip that my boyfriend and I are currently preparing: we’re leaving mid-September for two weeks between California, Nevada and Arizona, with a Ford Mustang (hey, sometimes you gotta embrace the cliché), aka THE trip I’ve always dreamed of! If you have any tips, please share, now is the time!


Anyway, before saying goodbye to Summer (I’m actually SO not ready: Pukkelpop is in two days and the sun is gonna be shining!), I wanted to share with you some of the greatest moments I’ve had this year.


Starting with WECANDANCE! I feel like it’s the only thing I’ve been talking about lately, so I won’t bother you more, but let’s just say this, for those who weren’t there: this year’s edition was freaking awesome! As in, better than ever. Last year’s production flaws were corrected, the atmosphere was great, the sun was shining, the setting was beautiful, everybody was happy and the music was cool. And most of all, our Survivor x A Cut Above stage got literally stormed by some enthusiastic dancers, from noon until midnight, and that felt really great! <3

wecandance 2015
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Now for the bad news: my Komono watch is dead :'(

Turned out she didn’t really like the rain at Dour festival and, despite my efforts to bring her back to life, it seems she has given up. But since it was still under warranty (I mean after all, it’s supposed to be waterproof), I figured I would just let the customer service know, so they could replace it and we could put this behind us. My mom gave it to me for Christmas last year, I was wearing it pretty much all the time, so needless to say my wrist felt pretty naked. What I didn’t expect was the customer service to be as shady as an insurance when you get robbed and claim the refund for your stolen goods. Because apparently, my watch was waterproof 3, which (as everybody obviously should know) means that it isn’t really waterproof, but that it resists to splashes and rain. What’s the problem then, since my watch actually was the victim of a (heavy) rain? The problem is that I once dived in a pool without taking it off, and even though I immediately did, and even though there wasn’t anything wrong with it for several months after, it seems that this mistake compromised my watch’s sealing – in other words, I can only blame myself for being so careless and ignorant. Disappointed, I am. For a 100€ watch, you would at least expect a bit of understanding… I’ve always loved Komono, and I’ve always been glad to promote them: a ‘small’, Belgian brand, with cool designs and nice visuals… This “unfortunate experience” will have to be the last I have with their sunglasses and watches. It’s too bad, but I’m not gonna turn the other cheek. So long, Komono! Oh by the way: I’m looking for a new watch and have no idea what to buy. You got any tips?

Komono quality broken


Anyways! Let’s talk about happy things, shall we? For the second time this year (addict, much?), I went to Efteling, aka the best amusement park in the hood. My excuse, this time: test the newest attraction, the Baron 1898, which begins with a very scary vertical dive (see for yourself if you dare) and shakes you like a cocktail for a very short and intense minute. Hereunder, find the park’s iconic tree, which is a much more reassuring memory.

efteling boom arbre tree

Of course, what would be a trip to Holland without a Burger King orgy? Mhh mhh mhh.

burger king holland efteling


I’ve also been spending quite some time in Liege, my hometown, where my old neighborhood is slowly starting to look like something, after being completely wrecked for the new station that they’ve been building. I know it’s still not looking that good, but it’s evolving: every time I go, there’s new streets, buildings, or new traffic directions (yep, it’s a huge mess).



This summer’s greatest deal: my new iPhone cover! I got it for a few dollars and I keep getting compliments on it. Plus, it helps me pass the time when my battery is dead!


Another investment: my new pair of Stan Smith, who came just in time to replace the old ones. Except I paid those half the price! No good deal, no sales, just the idea to check out the kids’ section when I couldn’t find my size in the adult selection. Thank you Adidas for not making adult Stan Smith in 38 and making me save 40€!

Zalando still has a lot of sizes, and always has all sorts of promo codes (for example, a 10€ discount when you subscribe to their newsletter).
stan smith old vs new


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