After MONTHS of non-stop, hard working, finally came the time to rest party! It was booked and fixed since January, I literally couldn’t wait anymore: Sónar, Barcelona, there I was! It was my first time on the festival and I found it really great. The line up was qualitative, diverse, the organisation was on point, the prices were (pretty) reasonable, the toilets were clean… and the weather was soooo nice!

sonar 2015

(not sure why this picture is blurry, sorries!)

Seriously, I didn’t wear any pants, sweaters or even closed shoes. By day, by night, at any hour, the warm temperatures (and the claras) allowed me to carelessly enjoy every minute, leaving all my stress behind. I gotta say our tempo was pretty heavy: eat, sleep, rave, repeat, but for real. Not easy to keep it up, but I guess that’s the price of the unforgetteable memories we brought back with us. It went by so fast!

fira montjuicsonar 2015 tevasonar pro sonar 2015 skepta sonar 2015 sonar cars sonar rone

I’ll skip all the anecdotes and inside jokes, but there’s a real reason why I bothered publishing an article about my trip, and that reason is FOOD! If there’s one thing we got right, it was definitely that, and I thought some of you might be interested in some tips…

So whenever you go spend a few days in Barcelona, here’s where you should eat – preferably very hungry to enjoy it even more!


ELSA Y FRED (Rec Comtal, 11, 08003 Barcelona)

This charming local restaurant serves tapas, sandwiches and other snacks, but it’s a little fancier than your regular tapas bar. I ate the best patatas bravas I’ve ever had, and I swear just for that it’s worth stopping by.
elsa y fred elsa y fred


MATÍS BAR (Plaça Nova, 5, 08002 Barcelona)

THE hotspot of the week. We enjoyed an exquisite gastronomic menu, I even ate the mussels, and I hate mussels, so that means a lot. We successively received cod pancakes, beef carpaccio, a mussel ceviche, meatballs with herbs, charcuterie and of course a constant flow of delicious cava (drink responsibly!). In total, this cost us each 28 euros, drinks included. I recommend you to do exactly the same, and don’t forget to make a reservation ;)

matis bar barcelonamatis bar barcelona matis bar barcelona  matis bar barcelona matis bar barcelona matis bar barcelona matis bar barcelona


PETIT POT CAFE (Pl. Urquinaona, 4, 08010 Barcelona)

For the breakfast-freaks (like me!): here’s THE ultimate spot! I even went twice, which is something that I never do when I’m city trippin’, but I wanted to bring all my friends there so I made an exception. The kitchen is open until 4.30pm, so you’re welcome even if you have a terrible hangover or if you overslept.

Eggs benedict with bacon, fresh juices, quiches, foccaccias, burgers, sandwiches, cakes… the only downside: you gotta make a choice. I KNOW.

Oh and it’s super cosy, the service is very friendly, the prices are very reasonable, so please, just go and enjoy. You’re welcome!

petit pot cafepetit pot cafe

petit pot cafe petit pot cafe petit pot cafe


CASA DE TAPES CANOTA (Carrer de Lleida, 7, 08004 Barcelone)

Some say they have the best paella in town; as I’m not a huge seafood fan, I ordered this audacious (and fat) dish combining chorizo, fried shredded potatoes and a fried egg on top. To be honest, it wasn’t as impressive as it looked, but I gotta say the terrace was very cosy, the service very polite, and their tapas looked deliciously fresh – next time I’m ordering some!

casa de tapes barcelonacasa de tapes barcelona


KINO (Carrer de Ferlandina, 23, 08001 Barcelona)

For those who follow, that’s also where we ended up at the end of our stay last year, when we came for Primavera Festival. On Sunday, we got up and honored what we decided to turn into a tradition! For 2 hours, we sat on the terrace of Kino, next to the MACBA, ordered a whole bunch of tapas (basically everything on the menu) and a few liters of fresh sangria.

EVERYTHING was delicious, and that’s pretty rare. Best gambas ever, savoury fried chicken, perfumed albondigas, melted provolone that doesn’t upset the stomach… It was simple, good, and cheap as hell. Just take a look at the check here under! We were with 6 and we didn’t even try to be reasonable…

kino tapas barcelona

kino tapas barcelona kino tapas barcelona kino tapas barcelonakino tapas barcelona kino tapas barcelona kino tapas barcelona

And since we were in the neighborhood of MACBA, I had to take a picture of Keith Haring’s mural…

keith haring macba jeroen nadia

After this generous brunch, we took the metro to our last party of the week-end, the DGTL x Kompakt open air event at Parc del Forum. The line up was great, the venue was cosy, but I think we just weren’t in the mood anymore (especially with 5€ beers -_-).

Thank god they had hammocks!

dgtl kompakt dgtl kompakt kolsch dgtl


Voilà, that was it!

Sónar, I’ll see you next year for sure! And this time, I’ll try to come a few days early, so I can visit some more cultural places than always tapas bars ;)


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