It’s been a while since I last did it: today, I want to show you some parts of my adoptive city, Ghent. And this time, Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE wanted to join and challenged me to introduce you to three places where I feel good and where I like to get an energy boost using one of their iced coffee flavours.

Perfect timing, as summer just started, and Ghent is full of public places that you can access whenever you want, for no dinero, to spend a cosy moment and enjoy the view. I picked three unique, beautiful hotspots that show how diverse Ghent can be and will get you in the local mood next time you come visit our medieval city. So hop on your bike (what else?) and follow me, we’re going on an adventure!

Portus Ganda

Portus Ganda

It’s one of the most typical places of the city: just out the center, this cosy marina gets crowded with apero-freaks as soon as the sun comes out. The view is magic (as Instagram-ready as something can be) and the atmosphere is cosy and friendly. I sometimes sit there during my lunch break to soak up some sunrays, drinking an (iced!) cappuccino, and it’s always a pleasure.

Portus Ganda
Portus GandaPortus GandaEmmi Caffe Latte drink



You gotta know about it because it’s kind of hidden: this alley, officially dedicated to local and international graffiti artists, is one of the must-sees in the center! I’ve seen some pretty cool murals there, and if you’re lucky, you’ll even spot artists working. What I like about the concept, is that it’s alive, it keeps evolving: these walls belong to everyone, styles mix and overlap: anyone is free to come and express themselves, so even if you come here several times, there’s a big chance you’ll never see the same walls twice!

Alright, let’s have an Espresso shot and on to the last one.

Graffitistraatje gent

Graffitistraatje gent

Emmi Caffe Latte Graffitistraatje gent Graffitistraatje gent



If you spend enough time in our city and if the weather is nice, you should definitely play this card: put on your flip-flops, get a blanket and some sausages, and go to Keizerpark! Stuck between Ledeberg and Gentbrugge, ideally located by the water, 10 minutes from the center, it’s the prettiest park of Ghent, or at least, my favourite. It’s just perfect to enjoy the sun for a few hours with friends or family: there’s a basketball court, a skate ramp, toilets, barbecues and a whole lotta grass to sit on, with trees here and there for those who need some shadow. A little paradise, where I sat down to savor a Latte Macchiato.

Emmi Caffe Latte

Emmi Caffe Latte   Emmi Caffe Latte Emmi Caffe Latte

What about you? Share your own hotspots with me and Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE!

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