In a few hours, I’ll be on holidays (don’t worry though, I’m not going far and I’m coming back soon), but before that, I wanted to share with you some pictures that I snapped during the past few weeks – a compilation of my lastest crushes, life events and confessions.

As a fan of Herschel bags, I was head over heels for that installation, seen during the press days. I want it ALL (seriously, I’m barely kidding). You can’t see it on the picture, but I think this one was my favourite, probably for its minimalistic look!


dot hogs

Another press day discovery, my friend Gilles’ gourmet hot dogs – to die for! Follow his project dot.HOGS!
closet sale
My annual clean up has begun, and the visitors of Kerk’s april Closet Sale did some pretty good bargains among the items I’m not keeping! I’ll put the rest for sale online soon, keep an eye on my shop!

fancy dinner

Sometimes, you just gotta treat yo self! So me and my crew decided to get some fancy champagne and steak to feel like Rich Kids of Instagram for a day.


concordia liège

While we’re talking about food: I keep getting questions about where to eat in Liege, well, here’s one of my hotspots: Le Concordia, in the Guillemins street, right next to the station. The fries are amazing, and so are the homemade mayo and tartare sauces. And you can’t leave without a meatball, you just can’t. We were so excited that we ate it all in the car like a bunch of losers!


driving school flat tire

As you might know, I don’t have a driving license (yet): I’m currently taking a few classes to practice before I take my exam, and it’s going pretty well on the whole. I mean yeah, except if you count that time when I had a flat tire after an hour of driving… story of my life, don’t worry, we managed!

je_andre prize pins
The artist Jean André designed this pin for Prize Pins, and since I’ve had it, I’ve been hiding it in pleats of my clothes. I just can’t resist the mix of precious gold and gangster design! They have a whole bunch of cool stuff, it’s 15$ a piece, so definitely worth checking out!

american apparel antwerp

And before I leave, little shopping teasing: last Friday, I attented the event organised by Subbacultcha in Antwerp’s American Apparel and I did some quick shopping. Among my finds, the most amazing summer dress, so stay tuned because you’ll probably see it here soon!

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