Vague à l’âme

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Here at the Simple & Funky studio, we like young designers, especially if they’re Belgian.


(I was actually showing off “Garance Doré Studios-style” but since everyone here knows I’m alone behind my laptop, I guess it doesn’t sound as glamorous)

A few weeks ago, I received some very good news through the mail from a couple of friends of mine. They were announcing the launch of their first clothing line, poetically named Vague à l’âme.

A collection of bold, colorful items, mixing exotic patterns and focusing on volumes, with a very strong and original visual identity and a cool lookbook… they really did it well! They design and conceive their prototypes in Brussels, the items are then produced in very limited amounts in Morocco.


I wanted to show them some support, so for once, I got myself in front of the camera to introduce you to this neoprene skirt, which I particularly like. It’s easy to wear, because it’s so cool that you can go very minimal with the rest of your outfit – which I did, pairing it with an oversized cropped top and my white Air Force Airness.


The e-shop just came online and I can only recommend you to go have a look! Check out the rest of the collection too, maybe you’ll find something you’d like to spoil yourself with :)


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