I feel like I haven’t posted an outfit in years! You can thank my friend Bryan, who accepted to try and make me pose for his camera, and Zalando, who requested the pictures in the first place.

samsoe samsoe coat

I answered a few questions about my experience with festivals and made a selection of festival items, check it out here!

Only thing is, my gigantic interview ended up as a tiny block on the website, so… I decided to publish the whole thing here!

samsoe samsoe duster

Best festival experience?

It’s very hard to tell, because I’ve had so many, and they’re all special for their own reasons… but since I have to choose, I will say that I’m always very happy with Dour festival. They have a very good mix of quality music, nice and fun people, a cool venue… they’re playing the diversity card and it really changes everything: there are so many stages, so many genres of music and thus, so many different kinds of people that you can go on for 4 or 5 days without getting bored for a second. I’ve been doing it for over 10 years and it’s the one festival that I wouldn’t miss for the world.


Favorite music genre?

I’m pretty eclectic, so I’m lucky because I’ll have as much fun when the festival opens and small rock and rap bands play than at night when DJ’s take their turn. I have to say I’m a sucker for good hip-hop acts, but what takes me on another level is electronic music live shows (like Moderat, The Knife, Bonobo…) – or even a really, really good DJ set. I also love discovering new artists that mix different genres of music and make their own sound, it’s a great opportunity to witness the music evolve and the crowds merging.


Where do we find you at the festival location?

Between 4PM and 4AM, somewhere at a stage, checking out music, singing out loud, dancing with my friends and drinking way too many beers. From 4AM until 4PM: sleeping and chilling at the campsite!


Which city or country do you prefer for festivals and why?

Belgium, of course! I mean, how lucky are we? From June until September, there’s a festival almost every day, sometimes several at the same time. There are so many things to see and to do, from the big ‘musts’ like Pukkelpop and Werchter to the more niche concepts like Horst, WECANDANCE or Micro Festival. There’s something for everyone, the diversity is unimaginable, you can discover new things all the time, it’s an incredible opportunity that people often don’t realize.

samsoe samsoe trench

Mention five things you would not go to a festival without?

  • Sunblock! My skin burns very easily so I know I have to protect it all the time. A sunburn only makes things more uncomfortable so protect ya neck.
  • Cleansing wipes, to thoroughly clean my face every night before going to sleep and avoid coming back with zits all over my face.
  • Flip-flops, in case I need to go pee in the middle of the night (believe me, sometimes the 2 minutes saved by not having to find socks really make a difference)
  • Earplugs, to protect my ears AND to allow me to sleep on the camping when my tent neighbours are afterpartying or having an early breakfast
  • A portable phone charger, as I tend to take a lot of pictures and videos and unfortunately, iPhones aren’t very good at staying up late.


Share three festival beauty and styling tips.

  • Don’t go crazy: you’re at a festival, not fashion week. Wearing high heels, too much make up or spending hours on your hairdo is only going to make you even more frustrated when it starts to rain/somebody spills their beer on you/you wanna go dance into the pit. Festivals are about fun, so keep it easy and comfortable. Go for an effortless look with some fashionable accents and you’ll be good to go.
  • Beauty wise, don’t forget to pack some essentials: BB cream with SPF, waterproof mascara, cleansing wipes, deodorant, toothbrush – those will get you through the day without having to give up on looking acceptable on pictures.
  • Always take a cap or a beanie with you. Festival showers aren’t the greatest for fresh hair so you know… just in case.


Describe your favorite festival look

As I grow older, I learn to know what works for me: I always mix good, clean basics with nice streetwear items, and when I pack for a festival, I sometimes go a bit grungier than the usual. Jean shorts are always a good idea, they’re super practical and go with everything. On top of that, I’ll throw a funny T-shirt or a fleece sweatshirt if it’s cold, and a laidback military jacket that will keep me warm when the sun goes down. If it’s really hot, I like to just wear a dress over my bikini! A lazy but feminine trick to be able to take the heat. Tip: accessories like a light scarf, funny socks or jewelry will help you finish off a simple, laid-back outfit and won’t take much place in your weekender.

samsoe samsoe coat

Duster coat SAMSOE SAMSOE – Sweater NEW LOOK – Trousers H&M Trend – Top and necklace & OTHER STORIES – Sneakers NIKE – Bag ZADIG & VOLTAIRE

What’s on your feet?

I’m a huge sneaker freak so I’ll be wearing them all the time, unless it’s raining: I’m not going to sacrifice a pair, so I’ll go for Palladiums because they can really go through pretty much anything, or short wellies if it’s really raining cats and dogs. You can’t fight the weather, you just have to live with it and go along… if it’s going to stop you from having fun, Belgium is not the country to party ;)


What’s in your hand?

My iPhone, obviously! To keep track of the line up and the other things going on via the official festival app, to take pictures and videos, to see how much I’ve walked the day before or check when the sun will come out… I gave up on taking my good camera with me, because in the end, what matters the most is to enjoy every minute while you’re there. That’s why in my other hand, you’ll often find a plastic cup half-full of cold beer!


No Instagram OR no shoes during the whole festival?

Easy: no Instagram! Instagram is nice, but it’s been there for a few years only and it’s ‘just’ a way of sharing your experience with the rest of the world. I’ve been to many festivals before and I wasn’t missing it, the festival just felt a bit more like a bubble, and honestly it wasn’t so bad.

Also, I’ve seen people with no shoes at festivals and it did NOT look comfortable, nor safe ;)


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