Over the years, Palladium has become one of my favorite brands: I now own 3 pairs that are real wardrobe staples of mine. They’re just perfect for those days where you wake up, not really knowing what the next hours are gonna be like and where you’ll end up, because they adapt to everything.

PAlladium Married to the mob

palladium waterproof

Palladium just launched a new campaign called “City Explorers“, for which they’re sending photographer Emmanuel Cole and journalist Georgia LA on a european tour of the coolest cities. Accompanied by local guides, they go look for hotspots and particularities, that they then tell us about on their blog. You can also follow their journey on Twitter and Instagram!

After starting their trip in Lyon, where the brand was born, the Explorers spent a few days in Antwerp, where Joy Anna Thielemans, a local soap-opera actress and ‘BV’ (Bekende Vlaming, that’s how we call local celebrities here in Flanders), took them on a tour of her favourite places. You can read the story here!

antwerp city explorers


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