The quality of sound is something that will never be overrated. Call me a partypooper if you want, but I find it really sad that the generation after mine cares so little about the finer things in life. And while teenagers of 2015 download crappy mp3’s off YouTube and blast them out loud on their smartphone, forcing every other passenger on the bus to do the same, I care more and more about the quality of my material.


I had been looking for a (good) portable speaker (a modern boombox, basically!) for a while when Bose offered to let me test theirs, called SoundLink Color. It’s a compact device that you can connect to your computer or your smartphone via Bluetooth, and that you can take everywhere with you in your handbag.



I have to admit it didn’t even take a week for me to be addicted to it: the portability, the sound, which, for the price and the size, is pretty amazing. And also – let’s get real – it looks pretty good. I mean, I picked it in white and it’s like it just belongs to my interior.


A nice object, with good performances and long-lasting battery, easy to use and to transport wherever you go: on holidays, to a picnic, for an unexpected party, to watch series in your bed… I definitely recommend it to you if you’re looking for this type of device.


Bose SoundLink Color – 139,95€

Also exists in blue, mint, red and black.

Shop it ici !

Anyway, I’m off to spend the weekend at Disneyland. Ciao!

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