Last week I told you about my roadtrip to Prague late December. Well, did you know that we were only 3h30 away from Berlin, and two days from New Year’s Eve? That’s why we decided to… spend New Year’s in Berlin!
(what a crazy cliffhanger, right?)

As we really felt like relaxing and being lazy, I admit I didn’t really visit anything. We went out, we went shopping, we enjoyed the atmosphere of this city that I love so much, and that was, for the occasion, covered in snow.


new year berlin alt-treptow

For New Year’s Eve, we of coursed enjoyed the traditional fireworks that light up the sky in the whole city: still very impressive! Don’t you think those give some kind of magic atmosphere? Everybody’s captivated, sharing bottles of cava on the side of the road, smiling and wishing each other a happy new year. I’m not a huge fan of NYE, but it always makes me feel good when everybody’s happy.

berlin zoo hippopotamus

We stayed a few days, and even ended up extending our stay to check out the Berlin Zoo and the Aquarium! Which represents approximately 6 hours walking around between polar bears, monkeys, ultra-poisonous eels and all kinds of lizzards. Entrance costs 20 euros and it’s worth every penny (cent?)! If you’re planning on going, though, I advise you to make it as early in the day as possible. From 12-13h, the place fills up with families and buggys, which isn’t the cosiest environment to see everything optimally, especially in the aquarium.

zoo berlin suricate

zoo berlin hippopotamus zoo berlin gorilla zoo berlin capucin aquarium berlin entrance aquarium berlin jellyfish aquarium berlin transparent fish aquarium berlin zitrone fisch aquarium berlin lizzard

I updated my Foursquare list, that I still encourage you to follow if you’re planning a citytrip to the german capital.

Have a great week-end and see you next week with a HUUUGE surprise!


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