Yo ! Happy New Year ! It’s been a while, huh?

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So yeah, after 3 months of hard work, I finally took a few weeks off. Just the time to chill, to charge the batteries, but also to visit Europe a little bit, or at least part of it. After seeing the prices of plane tickets, my boyfriend and I decided to go on a roadtrip together. And what’s nice, that we hadn’t seen yet, and that is driving distance ? It’s Prague !

After spending Christmas with our families (3 Christmas celebrations, which means 3 dinners that were competing to try and enlarge my stomach as much as possible – so not sure it was worth quitting sugar for 3 months after all), we drove to Frankfurt in order to spend the night there. And also to check out the Museum of Natural History which, as it turns out, has the biggest collection of dinosaures in Europe. No way I was gonna miss that !

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tyrnosaurus rex frankfurt museum

After almost 3 hours spent between feathers, rocks (they’re minerals !) and old bones, we hopped on the car again and left Frankfurt: at this point, we still had a long drive to our final destination ! And since we totally underestimated the situation, we ended up stuck in traffic a bunch of times, then in the snow and in the dark. It really was an adventure… Finally, around 7PM, we crossed the border and immediately, we got soaked into a very “formerly communist country” vibe: have you ever been in a czech gas station in the middle of nowhere ? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like !

Anyway, eventually we managed to reach Prague and the hotel we booked, Hotel Alwyn, that I strongly recommend to anyone who wants to visit the Czech capital city !

hotel alwyn prague

In total, we spent 3 days in the city, before hitting the road again. Just the right amount of time, apparently, to see all the basics !

prague opera prague christmas market prague astronomical clock prague old town square

Prague is a beautiful city: old, somptuous buildings, that are very well-kept, parks everywhere, paved alleys, spacious squares… ancient and modern architectures mix in harmony, and the Christmas light only made it prettier. We divided our time between the two sides of the old town: on one side of the water, Old Town Square, the astronomical clock and the famous Charles Bridge, on the other one, the impressive castle that overlooks the city and the sinuous roads that take you back to the Vitava.

prague castle prague castle prague castle prague castle

Food and drinks are very, very cheap, and very, very qualitative ! Czech people seem to love meat, beer (they invented the pils, after all) and big fat heavy meals (with -7°C outside, I can believe it) more than anything. I had the best burger of my life (at Krystal, a MUST), a giant cheese croquette and the most delicious kakis ever… Prague is also known for its tiki bars, those hawaii-in-the-fifties-themed cocktail bars, where you can sip mai tais in sculpted wooden cups, listening to Richard Cheese.

hamburk prague typical local hamburk prague typical local hamburk prague typical local

Apart from food and drinks, the cost of living is about the same as here. About shopping now: I have to say, I was a little disappointed. The Czech capital is full of malls – really, everywhere: H&M, Foot Locker, Topshop… it’s nice but not very special. (Of course I still bought stuff, who do you think I am)

If there’s one thing that did confuse me while I was there, it’s the language: it doesn’t look or sound like anything I know, and even though a lot of people there can gabble some english, it’s sometimes hard to understand or to communicate… oh and don’t forget to change your euros, because in Prague, we pay with crowns !

So, wanna visit Prague soon ? You can find all my tips on my Foursquare list !


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