Looking back at 2014

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I know I say this every year but… 2014 has been one hell of a year. It’s been so busy that I barely saw it pass but hey, times flies when you’re having fun and I will remember it as a positive, constructive period of my life.


The biggest change that happened was probably that I got a new job and ended up doing something really different from what I was familiar with: being active all day, sometimes until very late, constantly juggling between french, dutch and english, handling all sorts of tasks from cooking to mixing music for a fashion show… ya know how everybody’s always saying how you should get out of your comfort zone? Well I think I did, big time, and even though it wasn’t always easy, I regret nothing.

survivor 1 year

On the side of that, I’m glad I managed to make time and allow energy to my baby Survivor: this year was big for us ! We kept entertaining Ghent and Antwerp’s nostalgic young adults and celebrated a year of partying, we were in charge of our own stage at Wecandance, which took us to a whole new level and allowed us to book international artists for the first time, and we even got nominated for a Red Bull Elektropedia Award in the category breakthrough concept, and although we didn’t win, it was great being acknowledged by the Belgian music industry ! We even got the opportunity to launch a new concept, Glow, that showcases music that we’ve wanted to promote for a very long time. I think we can be proud of those accomplishments, and mostly we’re looking forward to a new year filled with even more surprises and experiences !


In this busy combination of work and play, I also had the chance to travel a bit and discovered Amsterdam and Barcelona for the first time. Going abroad, even if it’s just next door, is always a rewarding experience, and I’m happy I get to keep those memories in my head, especially with such great friends to share them with.


We’re now only a few days away from a new year that I feel has good things to offer me. My biggest challenge for the next months will be to try and focus more on my blog, that has probably been feeling like the third wheel lately… starting with a proper relaunch somewhere in the next few weeks ! Yup, that’s right: I’ve been working on a total redesign and I am now, with the help of a very talented ex-colleague, busy integrating it into wordpress and putting the final touch. I can’t wait to show it to you, but I really really want it to be perfect, so I’m just asking you for a tiny bit of patience.


And first, I think I really need a break, which is why I’m leaving tomorrow on a road trip ! The first stopovers will be the traditional holiday dinners in my boyfriend’s family and mine, after which we’ll be heading to Frankfurt, Prague and Berlin, where we’ll spend New Year’s! If you have any tips, especially about Prague, shoot !

I’m leaving you with a playlist of tracks that marked 2014. I wish you all awesome holidays: eat well, drink enough, take some rest and don’t forget to take care of your loved ones. See you next year !

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