As I promised last week, let me introduce you to Cafe Theatre, one of Ghent’s most famous hotspots that I recently discovered through its specialty: cocktails !


The first thing you notice when you enter the place is how cosy it looks: all wood everything and dimmed lights for a laidback and relaxed atmosphere. It kind of reminded me of the bars where the girls from Sex And The City used to meet up for cosmopolitans and talk about boys all night. Oh and about cosmos: Cafe Theatre’s signature drink is called Woman On Top, a little bit like a cosmo, only better ! Best cocktail I’ve ever had, and by far my favourite on the menu.

Not that there wasn’t any competition: there are so many drinks on that menu that everyone can find something they’ll like, and all the cocktails are made with fresh fruit and quality juices by highly skilled bar tenders. The cherry on the cake being the fair prices !


Woman On Top, Lazy Red Cheeks & Amaury sippin’ a Bloody Mary

All these cocktails made me wanna start getting more into it, getting some gear…

So, Cafe Theatre is a great place to meet up for drinks with friends after a long day of shopping, before going out or… as an introduction for dinner ! At least that’s what we did when we crossed the door leading to the restaurant part of Cafe Theatre. And boy did we stuff ourselves…


Belgian Charolais Contre-filet with béarnaise sauce, homemade fries and onion ring – Deer ribs with vegetables – A cocktail whose name I forgot but it’s sort of a daiquiri with pineapple and Hemingway used to love those – Shrimp croquettes

And yes, it’s good as it looks! My favourite dish was the shrimp croquettes: they were simply delicious, so tasteful and perfectly seasoned. The onion ring wasn’t too bad either… ;)

I ain’t gonna lie, the restaurant is a little expensive. But hey, the finer things in life have a price, right ? I would definitely recommend it for special occasions: the food is great and the atmosphere is just the right mix between classy and cool.


Cafe Theatre
Schouwburgstraat 5-7
9000 Gent

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