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Alright, I guess time has come to post the last part of my New-York trip chapter… to complete our tour of the city, let’s check out the southern area of Manhattan: Tribeca and the Financial District, where we walked around a bit during our first and our last day.


I was very pleasantly surprised by TriBeCa(Triangle Below Canal Street), a strangely quiet, residential and quite posh neighborhood. We hung out there for quite some time, walking around the streets. It might not be the typical shopping paradise, but we did find love in a party store!


Photo/ Robert M. via Foursquare

Balloon Saloon

Yup, you read that right. The first day, as we had just arrived after over 12 hours of travelling, we ended up at the Balloon Saloon. It’s a great store that sells toys, funny books, figurines, balloons, decorations … well, stuff that serve no purpose except to have fun. Your inner kid’s paradise with very fair prices ! We saw some of those items again later at Urban Outfitters, the MoMa shop or in souvenir shops, and the Balloon Saloon was always cheaper (and had way more choice).


Photo/ Benton Y. via Foursquare


Photo/ Heather P. via Foursquare


Amish Market

We then came across a quite intringuing place: the Amish Market? Qué? Amish farmers who serve pizza, sushi and salads?


Photo/ Sara P.

Well, yes apparently ! This was one of my favourite places in the city, my ultimate crush. The 3$ pizza slices baked in a brick oven were delicious, and so were probably also their ginormous sandwiches. They also have a salad bar, cake, pasta, pretty much anything a hungry belly could dream of, in a very tasteful version and for a rather cheap price.


I even walked around the groceries part of the store, where they sell America’s favourite brands but also a whole bunch of organic stuff, from cookies to olive oil. How perfect does that sound ? If only they could open one in my own neighborhood here in Belgium…



Heading south, we arrived in the Financial District, a small area almost exclusively made of steel, where men and women in suits are running around 12 hours a day, holding on to their Bluetooth headset and coffee. Yep, it really is like in the movies! Not much to see, it’s true, but the Financial District was also the scene of the September 11 attacks. And although the WTC is currently undergoing reconstruction, the void left by the towers, which you can easily spot since every square meter in the rest of the city is usually occupied by, you know, a building, was quite moving.


We then walked to the dam to enjoy the view on the Hudson Bay and the skyline of New Jersey, sitting on a bench facing the water, in an amazingly quiet atmosphere when, a few blocks away, sidewalks overflow with shoppers and businessmen.

Statue Of Liberty

Battery Park is just a couple of blocks away from there… and the reason why I’m bringing it up is that it’s the place where cruises to the Statue of Liberty depart ! We couldn’t resist: we paid our twenty dollars and hopped on a boat to Liberty Island.


It was a very nice little trip (+/- half an hour), during which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the skyscrapers of the Financial District. On the other side of the boat, the Statue of Liberty is getting closer, beautiful, struck by the midday sun.

staten-island-ferry ellis-island

You’ll also have a glimpse of Ellis Island, the island that saw all the European immigrants arrive to New-York full of hope, until 1954.

Once on Liberty Island, we had a small disappointment… “Oh that is a very small statue !

What ? It is pretty small ! But anyway, it was still great and kind of impressive to see, especially as a european: did you know that the statue’s gaze is directed towards Europe? I admit I felt a little bit homesick, but for a couple of minutes only :)


After 1 hour there (we weren’t allowed to go up in the crown, those tickets had sold out for the day), we decided to go back to Manhattan. This short but intense trip was really worth the money, I can only recommend it to you next time you’re in NYC.


Photo/ via Guest of a guest


Back in TriBeCa to enjoy Terroir’s happy hour ! Terroir is a wine bar where you can have an amazing cheese & wine worthy of the name (yes, in New York !) in a cosy atmosphere. We ordered a bunch of wine, plates of cheese, salami and bruschettas to stuff ourselves; with five, we ended up paying 20-25$ per person. Pretty reasonable, right?

In addition, the setting is really nice and the owners have my kind of humor

Thank you Ben for the discovery!

Voilà, this is the end of my New-York adventures ! I’ve only been back for a month, and I already can’t wait for next time… it probably won’t be anytime soon, but if you’re one of the lucky bastards planning a trip to the big apple soon, I hope my tips will be useful !

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