After a few articles in the overbusy Manhattan, let’s go chill on the other side of the bridges, in Brooklyn !

On Sunday, we decided to follow the advice that we got from a lot of people, magazines and guides, and we hopped on the subway ! Next stop: the Williamsburg Flea Market, that is located right next to the Williamsburg Bridge, in a park by the East River, facing the Manhattan skyline. Pretty idyllic setting, right ?

williamsburg-market-bikes williamsburg-market-bearwilliamsburg-market-jewelry brooklyn-market-lambwilliamsburg-market-food

Williamsburg Flea Market

Vintage clothes, DIY creations, handmade jewelry, second hand decoration, underground art and organic food are the kind of stuff you’ll find at the Williamsburg Flea Market. Talk about a hipster paradise ! It’s very cool and cosy, but you can feel that the concept is getting popular: this was kinda far from the improvised happening, conducted by rebel art students and young designer that I had in mind – and the prices were pretty high on the whole. Hipster is the new mainstream, apparently !

williamsburg-market-letters williamsburg-market-artwilliamsburg-market-musicwilliamsburg-market-signs brooklyn-market-decobrooklyn-market-fish-chipsbrooklyn-market-furniturebrooklyn-market-toys

Nevertheless, I have to say I loved it: I had a great time getting lost in the stalls, having a Lamb burger and enjoying the amazing view on a hangover day… and so should you ! Who knows, you might even find something to bring back home (I know I did)!


Artists & Fleas

While you’re in the neighborhood, you should definitely pay a visit to Artists & Fleas, a warehouse turned into a small vintage and designer market. There is a lot of creative potential there, some funny stuff and the prices are still decent !


After our shopping spree, we decided to keep walking around in the neighborhood. Williamsburg is really cute and laidback, full of original coffee shops and small boutiques. What surprised me the most was the architecture: it’s only a bridge away from Manhattan’s skyscrapers, but the wide sidewalks, the pastel-colored houses, the wild nature makes it look more like a seaside resort. And yeah I guess after all, we are on the seaside, kinda !



Mini Mini Market

I had a maxi crush on this shop called Mini Mini Market, where they sell a bunch of clothes, accessories and random shit for not-too-girly-girls – a little bit in the style of NastyGal.


Photo/ Derrick Y. via Foursquare



So anyway, we kept on walking towards the Williamsburg Bridge (and almost didn’t get lost), and we encountered some pretty cool street art on our way !

williamsburg-bridge-street-artwilliamsnurg brooklyn-oprahwilliamsburg-street-art brooklyn-streetart-kate-moss


Brooklyn Bridge Park

The day is slowly ending, the sun goes down… perfect timing ! We arrive in a parc located just between the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. From there, you can have the most stunning view of the NYC skyline getting darker and darker. We stayed there for over an hour, taking pictures of everything. It was one of the greatest moments of the whole trip !



Needless to say, this is one of the few things you cannot miss when you’re in New-York. Watching night fall, the buildings’ windows lighting one after the other, enjoying the sea breeze… and then go get a few drinks !


Photo/ Cara S. via Foursquare

Crown Victoria

When I was there, I got in touch with Max, a belgian friend of mine who lives in NYC and obviously, knows where to party. He took us to Crown Victoria (Crown Vic’ for friends), a former garage converted into a typical Williamsburg bar: the inside part is quite small, but it has two huge terraces with big picnic tables and lanterns everywhere. Oh and, of course, a food truck that serves delicious 3$ tacos and loads of PBR cans. I realize this all sounds kind of cliché, and it is a little, but it was so chill and cosy ! I would love having a place like this here…


Photo/ Ami Y. via Foursquare


Photo/ Christen D. via Foursquare


Coney Island

But Brooklyn is more than just beers, vintage jewelry and hipsters… it’s also Coney Island !



Photo/ Sara P.

Only 1h of subway away from Manhattan: the beach !

Coney Island was one of the things we both really wanted to see, a place we had dreamed of many times. We went there on a Wednseday without really preparing anything and… the amusement park was closed. Bummer ! It would have been really awesome to go crazy on the rides but yeah, I guess we should have checked the website: after the summer, the park is only open during the week-end. Which was not a reason to leave just yet ! Because with its retro gift shops, its traditionnal cafes and the bodybuilders working out on the boardwalk, Coney Island still is pretty amazing !


Photo/ Sara P.


We bought some sixties-style souvenirs, had a hot dog at Nathan’s, walked in the sand… we enjoyed a wonderful day at the beach and took many pictures – I must say Coney Island is the most picture-friendly place I’ve ever seen !


So that was Brooklyn ! I know, I know, there is so much more to do and to see, but so little time ! Brooklyn is definitely worth a second visit soon…

You’ll find all my hotspots in Brooklyn and Manhattan on my Foursquare list !


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