Without further ado: here is part 2 of my New-York report ! As last time, we talked about the most touristic area of the city, today, let’s chill a bit: I’m taking you to my favorite neighborhood, SoHo (with a bit of Little Italy and Nolita)!


Why my favorite you ask? Because it’s pretty, clean, busy but not too much, and mostly because it’s where you’ll find all my favourite places to eat and… shop! It’s the perfect place for hanging out all day, and maybe even spend the evening !

delicatessen NYC breakfast


Let’s start with a good power breakfast, because we have a long day ahead! First stop: Delicatessen, on the corner of Prince and Lafayette. Just sit on the terrace and order… anything ! Seriously, everything I ate or tasted was delicious, if I had to give one food hotspot only, this would be it. It’s real, well-made american food, served in a beautiful environment. I mean, their baseline is “International Comfort Food”… how great does that sound? This time, I went for a “traditional” breakfast, filling and tasty (they also serve egg-whites only, for the control-freaks ;) ), but I went back later during my stay, I discovered their “Mac bar”, a menu of Mac’n Cheese only, which was also just amazing. Prices are surprisingly reasonable (when you see the place you might expect fancier prices) and the service is excellent. A perfect option to end the day, but also to start it in style !

delicatessen turkey fries truffle


Opening Ceremony NYC Soho Belgian

Opening Ceremony

If you don’t recognize this sign… are you living on another planet? Opening Ceremony is known as THE place to be to find the very best of fashion. The store (which is actually as chain, now they have stores in London and Los Angeles as well) managed by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon (who were since made Creative Directors of Kenzo) offers a selection of edgy, original clothes (also quite expensive, to be honest, or at least out of my budget). I didn’t buy anything, but I think the place is really worth a visit, if only for this famous staircase:

Opening Ceremony stairs hello i love you

sara soho nyc


Nike Sportswear

Let’s continue our exploration of the neighborhood and stop by the temple of sportswear – Soho style of course – Nike ! Nothing to do with the huge Nike Town in Upper East Side (more about that later): what it loses in size, is gained in street credibility. This is where the sneakers fans come to find the latest limited editions, in an atmosphere that only Nike knows how to create.

nike store soho nyc

Photo/ Jason K. via Foursquare



The most observant of you will have noticed by now that I still haven’t bought anything; my shopping budget is intact – but not for long. Indeed, when I laid my eyes on this classic pair of Timberland boots (and their price tag – on sale for $ 95 !), I understood that my pockets would finally start feeling lighter. And that they wouldn’t be full anymore, at least until I left the City. Anyway! Ta-daaaahh:

timberland girl boots

One good thing scratched off my shopping bucket list !



OK, now my shopping mode is on: let’s do this, bitches ! The New York Topshop store, which opened a few years ago, has nothing to do with the enormous, messy, busy London shop. To start with, it’s way smaller and less cluttered: that also means, unfortunately, that the range is not as wide, especially for shoes, that only deserve a couple of shelves – compared to the entire floor that is dedicated to them in the Oxford Circus store, this was kind of frustrating. Also, unlike pretty much everywhere else in the U.S., prices are not at all advantageous compared to “ours”. But yeah, deal with it. As you can probably tell, I was a little disappointed, but that’s okay: more money for the rest of the day!

topshop nyc soho

Photo/ Randy E. via Foursquare


Urban Outfitters

If you like Urban Outfitters in Europe, you’ll love the NYC version ! Bigger, bolder, better: shopping at the Soho store is basically like browsing their website, only in real life. Between the clothes, the accessories, the books, the decoration and the millions of other useless but oh-so-essential gadgets, this is probably where I spent the most money (I also took the ULTIMATE #selfie)!

urban outfitters nyc soho urban outfitters nyc soho



Before grabbing lunch, let’s quickly pass by Kith, a sneaker shop that is hidden inside a menswear shop. They have pretty cool sneakers of course, but mostly I went there to get the famous Jason Markk kit, which is known as the Rolls Royce of sneakers cleaning product. Call me a freak, but at least my Air Max look clean as f**k !


SoHo Park

Aight, now let’s sit down and have a big-ass burger! We discovered it completely by accident, because the terrace looked nice, and honestly it was one of the greatest surprises of our stay, food-wise. The decoration was really nice, the prices were reasonable, and that burger was to die for ! Even the fries were good, and it’s a belgian girl speaking here. Just remembering all that makes me drool… The place might not be cosy enough for dinner, but it’s definitely perfect to grab lunch and a drink with friends!

soho park nyc burger fries




Another option for lunch is this french restaurant/snack, where you can enjoy sandwiches, salads and desserts in a beautiful traditional decor. Shame on me, I called them “fake” at first, then I realized that the waitress was indeed French, that the menu was dope and that the onion soup was divine and tasted just like home.

tartinery nyc onion soup



With our full stomach, we walked to one of New York’s most iconic streetwear stores: Supreme, which red and white logo needs no further introduction. Unfortunately, we had to turn back when we saw the queue of tourists waiting outside the door. I cannot tell you how much I hate this Abercrombie syndrome, and waiting was definitely not an option. We decided to come back another day (but we never did).

supreme nyc soho

Photo/ Kristeen C via Foursquare


American Apparel Outlet

Do you like American Apparel, but can’t get over how expensive they got? Then cross the street and rush into the outlet that they opened on Lafayette ! There you’ll find season items at a low price, but also the AA classics (hoodies, basic T-shirts, bodysuits and even underwear). You’re welcome ;)

american apparel outlet nyc

Photo/ Franky via Foursquare



Before we call it a day, let me just tell you about this amazingly kitschy place: it smells like sugar and attracts the worst tourists, but they sell awesome stuff, like this:

one direction backstage vip pass


They also sell all kinds of candy and unhealthy stuff, from Pacman energy drinks to Willy Wonka gobstoppers, 2000 calories chocolate bars and insect lollipops. Nomz.


I would leave you here, but I’m not done !

If you walk a little bit more east, you’ll find Little Italy and Nolita (North of Little Italy). Those few streets around Mulberry are italian mostly because everyone says so, but it’s worth the detour, even just to check out the kitschy details and the charming buildings.

little italy caffe roma little italy nyc

For a list of all those places and many more, click here !

Next week: Lower East Side, East Village and Chinatown !

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