Me and sports have always had a complicated relationship: I always get super-excited about something, dive into it for a couple of weeks, talk about it everywhere, all the time, and then suddenly I can’t find the time, the moment, the energy anymore – let’s be honest, I just get tired of it. I’ve never really practiced a sport, which obviously led to a not-very-athletic figure, maintained daily by a strong addiction to food and a little bit too much drinking.


On top of that, I’ve been to a pretty tough breakup two months ago, which temporarily took away all the energy and the courage that was left in me. The day after the separation, the TAO Inner Strength programme, which I agreed to participate in after I saw how much fun people in other cities seem to have with it, was starting.  I might as well just put it this way: when I hopped on the tram to SMETS, where the event was held, all I really wanted was to stay in bed, eat ice cream and cookies while watching series and let myself become obese.

But I got a grip on myself and attended the event, which turned out to be a great choice: the Inner Strength programme arrived at a point in my life where I really needed it. But what is Inner Strength anyway?

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You probably know about TAO and their tasteful iced teas, with no added sugars and low glycemic index – which means all in all that it’s a healthy and light drink (yes, you can also use it with vodka and it’s actually pretty good!). A few months ago, TAO launched a programme called Inner Strength and invited some journalists, bloggers, and a few lucky Facebook fans to follow it. The programme consists of a physical training, focused on the core muscles and the body balance, and a cooking class, which goal is to teach participants a more healthy way of thinking their meals, based on vegetables.

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The Inner Strength programme was punctuated by two collective training sessions with Elodie Ouédraogo and a cooking session with the chef Frank Fol. Apart from these collective sessions, we had the possibility to keep on moving just by giving a call to one of our two personal trainers, Wout Verhoeven (100m champion of Belgium) and Glenn Vercauteren (yep, Franky’s son but also a great physiotherapist specialised in athletes), and go for a run and a few squats during lunch break or after work.

In a two months time, I managed to keep a decent rythm: 2 to 3 times a week, at home or outside, alone or with Glenn, I followed the programme. What about the results? Well it’s hard to tell. The aim of the training isn’t to lose weight, since it’s mainly musculation movements, though I can definitely tell the difference. Obviously I wouldn’t say it cured my broken heart (who would I be fooling), but the whole Inner Strength programme helped me taking care of myself more, especially of my body. It put me on a healthy and positive way that I wanna follow: when your body feels great, the soul follows, right? ;)


Many thanks to TAO, Oona, Glenn and all the Inner Strength team and participants !

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