Strolling in Berlin

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There are many, MANY things to do in Berlin. And even though the city is mostly known for its crazy nightlife, there is actually a lot to do during the day too. So much that it’s very hard, even impossible to see everything at once. This time, we decided to focus on the things we really wanted to see, and it was a perfect balance!

  • Walk around Kreuzberg: since we were staying in that neighborhood, we had several occasions to walk around this area, famous for its creative vibe and its young population. What I really like is that there is a cool shop/place at every corner: vintage furniture, kids clothes, streetwear, cafés, snacks, books, music, video rental (I KNOW RIGHT!)… I really recommend to keep one or two afternoon to go explore and feel the vibe around Görlitzer Park, East Side Gallery (the remains of the Wall that were transformed into an open air gallery) and the neighborhood near Südstern. If you have more time, go to the center and discover Potsdamer Platz with the german “Walk of Fame”, visit the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and walk to the Brandenburg Gate.

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  • Do some shopping in Mitte, on Hackescher Markt (MUJI!), the Neue Schönhauserstraße et aux alentours (Weekday, Cos, Urban Outfitters, Fred Perry…). You can also check out Friedrichstraße, where you can find the not-so-exotic Zara, H&M, Galeries Lafayette, etc, and Gina Tricot.

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  • Spend a few hours at the Jewish Museum. I found it so interesting and abundant that I could have stayed a whole day if it was less crowded. The museum tells the history of Jewish people in Germany before, during and after the world war II, with the help of a lot of old personal effects that were collected through the centuries. The museum is also worth a visit for its architecture, very impressive and moving.

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  • Discover the history and the evolution of german cinema at the Museum für Film und Fernesehen: the first video cameras, the first studios, the migration to Hollywoo… once again, even the museum itself and its setup are worth paying a visit.

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If you’re planning a getaway in Berlin, you can find all my favourite places to eat, shop, visit, go out in Berlin here. And next time, we’ll talk about food!

All pictures were taken with the Samsung NX20 except Museum für Film und Fernesehen (iPhone)

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