Okay, now I had tons of sleep, caught up on my work, sorted my pictures and even scored a few items on sale. I’m back for good! So, here comes the first post about my trip to Berlin. First, because I have so much to tell you, and so much to show: party, restaurants, visits, shopping… as I said before, it was a very intense trip, so I decided I would do things like a boss and give it a bit of structure. Starting today, with the organization of the trip!

Because I hate making plans for everything, but a good trip can never be completely improvised. For this time, we had the great idea to try AirBnB, and it was a huge success! After seeking for the perfect place for a few weeks, we finally found a charming 2 bedroom apartment, in one of the only streets of Berlin that weren’t destroyed during or after the war. With all wooden floors and high ceilings, an ideal location in Kreuzberg, it seemed like the perfect place for our stay.


The biggest advantage with AirBnB is obviously the price: we had to pay just a bit less than 600 euros for one week, with 4 people. Compared to the price of a hotel, even the cheapest ones, it’s a pretty easy choice! What I also like about this kind of experience is the fact that you actually have some kind of home: you can cook, watch a movie, sleep in, come back from partying when the sun comes up… you have the kind of independence that I personally miss when staying at a hotel or hostel, and it makes the stay a lot cosier.

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Cherry on the cake, our hosts had really good taste in decoration, and the apartment had a lot of similarities with ours, which made it feel instantly like home.

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In a nutshell: I really recommend using AirBnB!

All pictures were taken with the Samsung NX20

Then, there’s the travel itself: we were planning on taking the plane, because it’s the fastest and cheapest solution, until we realized that rule wasn’t applicable between Christmas and New Year’s. A one-way ticket was the same price as a ticket to New York, so that was definitely not gonna happen. Eventually we decided to just get snow tires (they’re mandatory in Germany during fall and winter!) and do it road trip-style. It wasn’t as long as the first time I did it, because we had no traffic at all, and my boyfriend was driving like Schumacher (thanks to the non-existing speed limit on Autobahn). It took us about 7 hours from door to door, including a quick stop at Burger King, to go from family holiday in Belgium to unpacking at our Berlin place.


I don’t know what we’ll do next time, it will probably depend on the plane ticket prices I guess! Though I must say it was a real advantage to have a car in Berlin, because the city is surprisingly car-friendly, at least during that time of the year.

My advice, if you choose to drive to Berlin: prepare some good playlists for the road! Just to give you some ideas, those were our best companions:


Digital Soundboy Soundsystem Fabriclive.63

A mix of 49 tracks of jungle, drum’n bass, dub and garage, perfect to throw a little car-party!


Crookers – From then until now

A must-have if you grew up clubbing like I did: this double-album will bring back a lot of memories! Play it when you start to get bored and start shouting and dancing (stay safe though xx)!



50 Weapons Of Choice #20-29

This is already the 3d volume of the compilation issued by the Berlin-based (of course!) label, and yet it keeps getting better. Keep that one for that special time when you arrive in the city: turn up the bass and enjoy!



Modeselektor – Modeselektion Vol. 2

This one was compiled by Modeselektor and features tracks by their favourite artists (Addison Groove, Bambounou, Phon.o, Martyn and many more). It might sound a little bit experimental, so I would recommend it more to the electronic music insiders.



Oneman Fabriclive.64

Anothe Fabriclive mix, another style: this time, Oneman is taking you on a journey through UK Funky and dance music, with retro-90’s accents and this typically UK-touch that made the Rinse FM DJ famous.



Bambounou – Orbiting

This is the very first album of the young and talented Bambounou, on 50 Weapons. Not very approachable if you’re not into that kind of music, but I swear this is a little masterpiece.


Voilà, folks, that’s it for today! But there’s more coming up: for eating, partying and visiting Berlin, stay tuned!

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