… they hatin’!

I’m leaving for Berlin in 2 days, right after Christmas, and as overly excited as I am, I seriously had to address the packing issue. Why? Because it’s gonna be F.R.E.E.Z.I.N.G. !!

It is a fact that winter in Berlin is like North Pole. With temperatures around -10 degrees and a frozen Spree (yes, like the sea in Titanic), the locals most likely flee the city during holiday season. Right now I’m still joking about all this, but I’m pretty sure that as we drive up north, I’ll consider shutting my big mouth.

Anyway, as you can probably guess, my suitcase contains mainly super-warm sweaters, waterproof shoes and hats.

carhartt hat

My favourite beanie, by Lazy Oaf, and my boyfriend’s Carhartt hat that I keep “borrowing”


My precious Bensimon coat, ultra-warm and cosy!


My parka with leather details that I got at UO last year, nothing better to protect myself from the wind!


My pile of sweaters. YUP.

From top to bottom:


La Redoute, I got it for 10 euros at a press sale, best deal ever!


Zara, my tireless tri-material sweater (knit on the front, sweatshirt on the back and leather patches on the elbows)

bandana sweater

ASOS Men, my awesome bandana sweater!


S.Oliver, this year’s first early Christmas present (huge thanks to the Oona’s, I love it!)


Chauncey, my cashmere ultra-basic jumper. Amazing quality, I found it last year at a sample sale and I will probably wear it forever!

cat sweater

New Look, my kitty-cat sweater from the kids’ section!


Zara, my huge and cosy knitted V-neck


The shoes part gets a little more difficult: one the one hand, I don’t wanna have to wear moonboots, on the other hand, I know I’m gonna be walking a lot. That means flats and waterproof, comfy and warm.

shoes berlin

From left to right: Dr Martens, Palladium, Steve Madden, Nike

I’m really hesitating whether I should take a more “going-out style” pair of shoes (= high heels). I mean, switching between heels and ballet flats is okay, but leave your Dr Martens at the cloakroom is something else…

The least I can say is that I’m probably not really prepared for the polar weather. And yes, that probably means shoppiiiiing!

Anyways, have a great Christmas Eve everyone, I wish you a lot of fun with your friends and family, and awesome presents!

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