Ultimate Skincare Essentials

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Since I was treated with Accutane in my teenage years (yes, that same product that America considers as evil), my skin has been the best example on earth of “dry to very dry“, with all options – rashes, redness, sensitivity, the real deal. And every season, because of the changes of temperature, of habits, of time, my skin is suffering from all kinds of problems.

A little bit more than a year ago, my solution to this was still very simple: I was trying to remove my make-up every day, washing my face with water and rubbing so “all the impurities would go away”, and every once in a while I was applying random moisturizer. And honestly, it was kinda working. Just like I used to be able to party hard all week-end and go to class on Monday morning.

But then I got old. Well, at least, let’s say I started to feel I was getting older. It started to become really harder for me to get over exhaustion or sickness. My skin really shows if I’ve been lacking of sleep, for example, and it’s more sensitive in general… so evntually, I had to start getting interested in cosmetics. And today, I have no idea what I would do if I hadn’t been able to discover and try all the products that I’ve had! And since I had the chance to test so many products, I figured I should let you know which of those are really worth buying if you have the same type of skin!

Clinique Basic 3 temps


You know that one, I already told you about it, but I still believe I should insist on how good this combination is: I bought it again, and I’ve been using daily it for over a year. If you want to start using it, which I highly recommend, make sure you first identify your type of skin correctly, otherwise you might use the wrong products. To do so, you can do a Skin Diagnostic on Clinique’s website, it’s very practical and reliable.

Clarins Bi-Sérum intensif – La Roche-Posay Nutritic – Sampar Peeling Equilibre Moussant et Masque Source de Nuit


In addition to the Basic 3 Temps, I use a bunch of other face products, here are my 4 favorites:

– the Bi-Sérum Intensif Anti-Soif by Clarins, that I got in the first Deauty Box. After shaking it to mix the components, I apply a bit of product on my skin, between the cleasing and the moisturizing. After a few days, I really started to see an improvement, I feel like it’s really making a difference deep under my skin, and this is pretty rare!

– the Nutritic cream by La Roche-Posay. I use it on specific very dry areas (nostrils, corners of the mouth, sores…)

– the Equilizing Foam Peel by Sampar. This is the kind of product that I would have found too sophisticated back in the days and that is really making a difference today. It’s very practical, efficient, it smells really nice… and since my skin is very sensitive, I use it maximum once or twice a week and I hydrate my skin weel afterwards.

– the So Much To Dew Midnight Mask by Sampar. I love this product because its integrated brush makes it the perfect mask for a lazy ass like me. I could almost leave it on my night stand and apply it while falling asleep. I use it about once or twice a week, even if I heard you can use it everyday; I’m just afraid that it might make my skin too oily if I use it more.

So, that’s all the products I combine for my face care. For my daily routine, I would use those, in that order:

Then, once or twice a week, I take more time and do the big deal:


Don’t forget that the Sampar products are usually cheaper if you get them in packs, on their website.

About Clinique, if you order online you automatically get a few goodies at checkout, so I would advise that too.

I also have favorite body care products, even if there’s only two that I really use daily:

– the Dove Original roll-on deodorant. I know it’s not the most glamorous beauty product, but it’s a must (YES, EVEN DURING WINTER, PEOPLE!), and after testing all possible brands and types, I can say this is the one. I actually have to rub my armpits the morning after under the shower, otherwise they don’t get wet. And I just love the smeel, reminds me of my childhood!

– the Black Fluid Fame by Lady Gaga. I got it during the press days and to be honest, I only tried it because I was curious about the whole “black lotion that becomes transparent on skin” thing. Since then, I’ve been using it almost everyday, because it hydrates my skins and it smells really nice!

And voilà! I hope this showed you the way to an always healthier skin. Of course, I’m still curious to know about your essentials, even if you have other skin types: what couldn’t you live without?

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