Now that I gave you a few good places to eat and hang out in Ghent, let’s talk about shopping!

As you might know, Antwerp is usually known as THE city for shopping in Belgium. I’m not gonna say it’s not true, but Ghent sure has some pretty cool stores too, with strong identities and edgy selections. One of them was a great discovery I did a couple of weeks ago, it’s called Au Bon Marché.



Located in the very center of Ghent, Au Bon Marché is so discrete that you might miss it if you don’t know it; that’s what happenned to me until I took shelter there on a rainy afternoon. Jackpot, because this store is definitely a must if you’re visiting the city.

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Don’t judge the grandma perfume smell of the boutique and get it, because you might find your treasure between the jewelry, handbags, hats, stationary, cosmetics, home accessories, etc, etc. It’s the perfect place to find a gift for your friends or a souvenir for yourself. And a bit more original than Urban Outfitters if you ask me!

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Among other brands, you’ll find Wouter & Hendrix and Céline d’Aoust jewelry, Annick Goutal perfumes and Compagnie de Provence creams and soaps.


Au Bon Marché
Hoornstraat, 4
9000 Gent

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