Earlier this month, I explained you that I recently attended the earliest event in the morning ever: it was held by Esprit in their biggest store on the Meir, in Antwerp, and the meeting time for what would be my first yoga class was 7.30 am. Honestly, until the day before, I just didn’t believe I would make it: getting up at 5.30, then sitting on a train for 1h, then a 15 minute walk, all that for a sports class, that really doesn’t sound like me.

But well, in my head, that day, yoga didn’t really count as a sport; yoga still seemed a bit like sleeping a bit more. In my head. And also, I have this thing with doing stuff just to prove myself I can do them, see what I mean?

Plus, I got really teased by the pictures I had seen from the collection that Christy Turlington is endorsing for Esprit: nothing better than showing me clothes to motivate me to do sports ;)

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Anyway, I arrived, on time, and wearing a comfy sportive outfit, exhausted but willing to have that revelation that everyone seems to have with yoga! Now guess what: did you know that yoga was an actual sports? Like, with sweat, effort, even pain? Damn I had no idea my muscles would hurt for 3 days after that. At some point I thought I would never get over it, and I cursed myself during one hour for not staying in bed like every other normal person would have done on a Saturday morning.
Luckily, they had prepared a yummy breakfast after that, so I managed to gather strenghts…and went straight back to bed ;)


The collection is available here!

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