(F)estivale: Epilogue

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Here we are, summer’s coming to an end and so is festival season.

I have to admit this year was insanely great, musically speaking of course but also fun-wise, I’ve had the time of my life and I saw a lot of good stuff!

Saturday is Laundry Day, which is the last festival of the season for me… and I’m planning on enjoying it one last time!

As a closing speech, here are 5 tracks that will always remind me of the Summer ’12, between the heatwaves and the mud oceans, plus they all have pretty cool videos so I thought I would just share them to you!

Before you go enjoy your day, let me remind you that you can still enter the Juke contest and maybe go to Berlin to see Nelly Furtado on Sept. 12! Give it a shot right here and thank Juke who made it happen ;)


One last thing: don’t forget to visit Simple & Funky tomorrow, as we will be celebrating my blog’s 3d anniversary with a huge giveaway!

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