Dorothy Perkins lace up jumper

How much do trends influence your style?

I like to think I own a timeless wardrobe, that doesn’t really reflect any of the fashion crazes blooming on runways and street style pictures.

But I have to admit the truth is a little bit different: sometimes, I give in an buy something that I’ve picked up from a blog, on Instagram or on Pinterest. Even though I do my best to pick my clothes based on my taste only, occasionally some other arguments end up weighing in my decision.

And you know what? I’m actually really okay with it.

Dorothy Perkins lace up jumper

I mean, it’s not like I’m a complete fashion victim. I buy a piece of clothing or an accessory because I like it and I think it suits me. The reasons that make me like an item are varied, and sometimes one of them is just that I saw it on someone else and related to it, found it pretty and thought “hey, I could wear this my own way”. And why would there be anything wrong with that?

Dorothy Perkins lace up jumper

To me, the problem is when you don’t even ask yourself all these questions. When you get something just because it’s on trend, because everyone has it and you NEED yours. When instead of differentiating, you want to conform. I’m not saying it never happened to me, believe me I’ve had my fair share of bad shopping decisions: and mostly, whenever you’re about to make such a decision, you have many rational and emotional reasons to go through with it, you feel like you’re completely in control. Only to realise a few weeks later that the item you bought doesn’t really go with anything you own, doesn’t really reflect what you want to say about yourself, and seeing it actually just makes you feel like a huge loser.

Bronx Inoke Boots

But all those mistakes actually taught me more about myself and forged my style. After failing and learning, I now know what I’m going to wear and what is just going to stay in the bottom of my closet until I wear it as a costume for a dress-up party (told you, I’ve been there).

Nowadays, even when I let trends influence my shopping decisions, like when I bought this lace-up jumper, it’s mostly because I recognise myself in it and I can make it mine. But never because I want to own a “must-have” and scrape it off my wishlist.

Bronx boots Dorothy Perkins lace up jumper

Jumper Dorothy Perkins (similar herehere and there) – Boots ‘Inoke’ Bronx

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