Self-esteem, doubt, body image, need to identify… these issues have always existed, everywhere, for everyone, but our century has found a very special place to represent them, mostly thanks to the internet.

While the nineties were celebrating a unique beauty standard more than ever, internet arrived and brought along a handful of tools allowing everyone to express themselves, shaking up the accepted ideals.

The idea itself has me head over heels, but it gets even more amazing when some people use this to bring something even bigger, something significant. A project that can change lives, allowing the younger ones to grow and develop their identity without fear, giving a place for the people who got hurt to find an echo to their suffering, and to the luckier ones, a way to walk a mile in the shoes of those dealing with some issues.

StyleLikeU was created in 2009 by a mother and her daughter, with the ambition to give a voice to some people and their stories, their wounds, their messages, inspiring thousands of others around the world to live in a better harmony with their own bodies.

My favourite “rubric” of theirs is called What’s Underneath, it’s a very special type of interview where each interviewee tells their story while taking off their clothes, stripping down figuratively and literally, exposing their scars, their flaws, their pride. Cancer, racism, transsexuality, eating disorders, handicap… the subjects are usually pretty heavy, but the way they are talked about is refreshing. There’s a lot of tears, but even more positive messages. It’s one of the rare “shows” to get me so emotional, simply because I get so struck by the purity, the honesty and the courage of those people. It feels so good to realise that although we all have our fears and problems, what saves us is to share and support each other to overcome them and to be proud of who we are.

I can only encourage you to follow StyleLikeU on Youtube, and to discover all their videos (good luck, there’s a whole bunch of them) as from now! It should help you reinfect some positivity in your life after last weekend’s events and maybe even recover faith in humanity… promise!

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