How many times have I mentioned Emily Weiss on this blog ? The former super-intern at Teen Vogue in the The Hills series, author of the successful beauty blog Into The Gloss (I guess you could say she’s one hell of a self-made business woman) took things to the next level and is now the proud owner of a cosmetics brand !


After years of testing, analysing, reviewing, counselling and listening, Emily finally made her dream come true and launched her very own product line.


Deeply rooted in its time, fun, affordable and with a focus on a fresh, natural look, Glossier(which you should pronounce ‘à la française’, like dossi-er) just has it all. For the launch, the brand decided to focus on 4 key products that should perfectly fit in your daily routine: a face mist, a priming moisturiser, a multi-purpose balm and a tinted cream. 4 hypoallergenic references, a lively lookbook, a sleek yet beautiful packaging, all featured on a playful and educative website, and communicated mainly via an Instagram account where, among traditional product pictures, you’ll find inspirational 90’s visuals, ‘behind the scenes’ footage and of course, a lot of teasing.


For the lucky ones that are currently in NYC or are planning to visit it in the next weeks, there’s some very good news: Glossier opened just yesterday a pop-up shop in the middle of Soho (123 Lafayette St.), which will remain open until November 2nd. Everybody else (including me, boo boo) will have to play the waiting game, since it isn’t possible yet to order from outside the US. But count on me to be the first european customer as soon as they’ll open to our old continent !